London Fashion Week

Well if any of you are friends with myself on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you will know that I’ve been all over the shop for the past two weeks for London Fashion Week.

Although I didn’t manage to wangle my way into any of the Couture shows (I’m not that A-list yet haha!) I ended up in the Trafalgar Hotel for the very cool and very chic Nolcha Fashion Lounge event. My cream of the crop: Hetty Rose and Tammam.

The very chic Nolcha Fashion Lounge event

Next up was London Fashion Weekend. Having gathered our goody bags (most importantly) we wandered in and out of Somerset House’s many rooms filled to the brim with a mixture of designer, high street and bespoke designer treasures. We were also treated to a catwalk show (front row, of course!) featuring trends for the new season and a sneak peak at BODYAMR’s latest collection. Ended up picking up a Malaya jewellery piece, think cute charm bracelets and vintage style necklaces.

The London Fashion Weekend Catwalk show

Finally last Thursday (30.09.10) I sashayed my way to the swanky Amika nightclub in High Street Kensington for the biggest clothes swapping event of the year- The Big Swish. It was abit like being in a scrum in a department store but fun to watch! I chilled out away from the free thrall with abit of pampering from Clare Eluka, co-founder of RAW Skin Food. It’s an amazing skincare company with all natural ingredients and the prices are nice too! Definitely worth a look.

The mosh-pit that was The Big Swish

So that was my experience of LFW AW2010. Will be posting more articles about the amazing people and designers I’ve met over the past couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!


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