Socialising and swishing

So…another weekend full of 21st birthday celebrations, slogging away in retail and making sense of my third year uni timetable.

Another article by yours truly went up on MRH’s website this weekend on the lush RAW Skin Food products if you fancy a look-see. Don’t forgot you can order online with free P&P before 31 October or you can pop into the Mother Earth store in Islington to get your beauty fix.

I also met the lovely Lupe Castro at The Big Swish. She’s an ethical stylist and organiser of The Big Swish in association with Big Wardrobe. A fantastic little site where you swap everything from clothes to accessories to shoes. There are three ways to swish: a straight swap, a cash payment or a combination of the two. It’s absolutely free to sign up and well worth a look especially if you’ve got a few old gems lurking at the back of your closet.

Plus when you register, you can recommend friends and nab yourself some free Topshop vouchers!

Dress from a designer in Greenwich market I'll be swapping!

You can also get involved with swishing events via the website by signing up for the £5 general admission or the slightly more glamorous membership package (£20) which entitles you to a goody bag and a five-minute headstart at the event. The next one is on 11 November with a boudoir inspired theme. To find out more, catch my interview with Lupe Castro coming to MRH soon.


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