Dreams can come true

Hi there!

Yes I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy writing, editing and designing over the last few months all in aid of my Journalism degree. Yes folks, the end is nigh, no more university for me…hello real world! I discovered today that it’s been worth three years of blood, sweat and tears because I gained a 2:1! Also passed my driving test at the weekend and have been made supervisor at work in the meantime…life is pretty swish.

Dreams can come true and after the events of the past few weeks, I felt like a little lost lamb to be honest but I’m finding my feet again. There’s been a few other things that have happened that have made me feel grateful for the life I have and that theres always someone out there with worse problems than you. Starting life as a freelance alongside working so I can build my portfolio but my “first post” of my updated blog goes out to my City University Journo peeps (Class of 2011- we did it!) my beautiful family and my wonderful friends, who I could not live without. Much love and cheers! x


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