Are New Year’s Resolutions pointless?

We all know that feeling; It’s New Year’s Day, you’re hungover, you’re laying in your own mess of empty wine bottles, party poppers and countless reams of Cadbury’s Roses wrappers. You sit up slowly, groan with the inevitable wave of nausea and promise yourself that from now on, you’re going on that detox.

“I’m not drinking for the next three months!”

“I’m going to join that gym and stop stuffing my face with chocolate, crisps and takeaways!”

“This is going to be my last fag for the rest of the year coz as from today I am smoke-free!”

And finally (here’s one for all of us women)

“I’m not going to let anyone pull the wool over my eyes anymore, from now on I am a fierce independent lady!” Or words to that effect…


Not to discourage those of you who are right now puffing away on the treadmill, eating Ryvita, slapping those nicotine patches on and deleting HIM off Facebook but how long are you gonna keep this up for?

It’s human nature, the more pressure we feel to do something, the harder it is and of course the harder it is, the easier it is to give up. I’m talking purely about trivial things like diets, detoxing etc not within your career.

We’re Day 6 into the New Year and although I’m snacking on fruit and nuts as we speak (yum) I’ve ate some of the neverending chocolates from the Roses tin, I’ve been drunk at least once and if I’m frank, I’m still hopeless with my love life. But am I worried that I’ve failed at life and that I can’t stick to anything?


For the pure and simple fact that we’re pressured into “making resolutions” all throughout the year by the media, other people and even the Government. “Nab that man before Valentines Day,” How to lose weight post-Easter,” “Give up smoking before that long haul flight to Bermuda,” “Your post-summer detox,” before finally we come back round to Christmas and the resolution malarky starts again.

Do yourself a favour and don’t allow that pressure on yourselves. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have goals but one step at a time. The beginning of the year is tough enough with back to work blues, miserable weather and having sleepless nights about your overdraft. There’s always that old notion of starting a diet on a Monday, well break the cliche, eat your last Indian takeaway and start from there.

If you’re going to make a resolution, make one that says “I will not feel guilty for not making one and if I make changes with my life, they will be pressure-free.”

Feel better already?



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