The Fash Pack: My Icons

Seeing as I aspire to be a fashion writer, I thought that one of my first posts of the new year had to be about whose style inspires me.

First up, my “girl crush” of the moment, Zooey Deschanel- actress (Yes Man, (500) Days of Summer and New Girl) one half of She & Him and the kook that put the cool back into having a fringe.

Zooey Deschanel favours thrift over haute-couture

Her quirkiness translates to her sense of style, I mean who else could make dungarees and big glasses look cool? Geek chic at its finest. With her porcelain-like skin and blue Bambi eyes, she plays upon the feminine Sixties look. Think vintage prom dresses (the one in the wedding scene in 500 Days is one of my fave) tea dresses, sweet heart necklaces, ballet pumps and corsages. As we all know last summer, the high street was brimming with lines inspired by yester-years and Zooey’s modern day “Sandra Dee,” look will probably be everywhere again this coming season.

Next up…Whitney Port’s (The Hills, The City) frenemy Olivia Palermo.

Olivia Hearts Topshop. Credits:

The girl might be seem one of those annoying socialite types but with credentials at Diane Von Furstenberg and Elle under her belt, she knows what shes talking about. She has the typical stature of a model but thankfully she’s not an overstyled clothes horse, which is what I love about her. Her looks are so simple, yet classy- Men’s fitted blazer, a floaty dress to show off those flawless pins and arm candy to die for. One could say her style is predictable but she knows what looks good on her and although it’s nice to try a new trend once in a while, Navajo print isn’t for everyone. She uses her wardrobe staples to pull together an outfit and though she might tote around a Chanel 2.55, she loves the British high street and is regularly papped in Topshop‘s latest lines.

Moving swiftly onto another of TV’s reality stars…Made in Chelsea‘s Caggie Dunlop.

Caggie totes loves her Totes. Credits: Glamour magazine

Although I haven’t warmed to the rest of the program, the softly-spoken Caggie has an almost Bohemian girl-next-door image that stands out from the rest of her Sloane Square counterparts. Her look is au-natural with her tousled blonde hair (annoying isn’t it how beach waves can work for some but look like you haven’t brushed your hair on others) and those rose-bud lips. Simple, I suppose, to contend with the mismatch of vintage, designer and high street finds BUT it works! I’m hoping that she doesn’t pay a stylist to fit in with her acoustic singer persona but her look is easy to find on the high street also with Topshop, River Island, Asos and Urban Outfitters all present in her wardrobe. Oh and if you have £450 spare, you can have her Aspinal of London bag too…

Finally (I’m keeping it to a Fabulous Four Fash Pack because I have OCD about even numbers) the ultimate lady of last year and most likely the next few decades, her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge…Miss Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton in her high-street faves. Credits: The Daily Telegraph

Kate has made recycling cool again and she’s showed that the Royals can do high street and well! From Reiss to Zara to LK Bennett and Joseph, she’s allowed women across the globe to nab her style, literally making every item she wears a sell-out. Although, (as a fellow LK Bennett employee myself) I’ve heard a few customers exclaim that they’d rather not copy everyone else so that we’re all Kate-clones, I do think it’s refreshing that if she likes something, she’ll wear it again and again like most of us do. Again, you have the cynics that feel that she does it to make a point or trying to make the Royals look like they’re being cost-effective in the current economy climate, but her style’s never changed post-marriage. She could pretty much be dressed by any designer in the world if she wanted to be but I’m inspired by her because she wears what she knows and feels comfortable in.

That’s my Fash Pack to kick-start the year…Whose yours?



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