ZUMBA your way to Fitness

Okay, I know a few of you are gonna be like “Zumba is so last year,” and it’s true I guess, in a way, because everyone (well, women) went mad for it. My friends and I started going to our local Zumba Beats classes back in October and we’re addicted! I thought I’d write a post about this in relation to the whole New Year’s Resolution malarky and if you want to exercise more but don’t want to break the bank with unused gym memberships and faddy diets, then this is perfect for you.

Zumba Beats run by the brilliant Maria at YMCA is fun, energetic and will get you burning off those mince pies in no time. There’s no pressure of having a gym instructor shouting at you and you don’t have to be in time or be able to copy the moves step-for-step. It’s all about dancing your butt off and having fun. Maria gives out tips every session and lets you know which muscles you’re working. If you’re someone that doesn’t exercise often, it’s an excellent way to start because you can take it at your pace, if you feel a little out of breath at first, there’s no pressure to dance through the whole session and free water is always provided.

The music is a fusion of latin inspired beats, chart music including Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Maroon 5 and Chris Brown etc and indian rhythms. Now that I’ve discovered I don’t have two left feet as previously thought, I can salsa, sashay, wiggle and rumba my way through routines. We all felt like lemons at first, admittedly, but everyone is concentrating on the music and their own moves, so if you find yourself still spinning around while everyone is shimmying to the left, laugh it off!

The best thing is that the hall is full-up of people of all ages, shapes and sizes, even guys too! There’s usually a two-hour themed Zumba party every month held on a Friday at the YMCA in Romford as well. So if you’re saving yourself for a big night out at the end of the month and you want to save some money but don’t want to sit in on a Friday night, aid your fitness regime with a marathon sesh.

Weekday sessions run at the YMCA Romford on a Tuesday at 7pm for an hour and another at 8.10pm. There’s also a new Thursday sesh for beginners starting this week with the first sesh at 6.45pm and the second at 8pm. Classes are £5 and for further details of more classes at other locations, check out the website.


2 thoughts on “ZUMBA your way to Fitness

  1. I couldn’t agree more – i am one of the Tuesday “warriors” and i just love love love it. I have tried a couple of other classes which are good too – but Maria’s just has the “extra something” can’t explain it but it is a really fun class ……… give it a go.

  2. I can explain it…….Maria is fun crazy….no pressure just fun and the best workout for miles……. you’d b mad to miss it !!

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