A January Dilemma…

It’s Saturday and a cold January evening at that. You’re standing in front of your wardrobe deciding what to wear that won’t make you look like your grandma but  at the same time, won’t make you wish you’d worn more clothing in the wee hours of the morning.

Simple enough? Yes you’d think…but when my friend Letitia and I went shopping the other day to look for a birthday dress for her to wear tomorrow, we were met with racks and racks of new season. Crop tops, cutesy spring dresses, denim shorts and florals.

Candy stripe shorts anyone?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve already mentally bought a dozen or so of these items in my head and I cannot wait for the warmer weather (as good as we can get in Britain) so I can sip a Pimms in my local beer garden, in my Topshop polka dot dress, sunhat and tan fringed bag.

On my SS12 wish-list

BUT…It’s January, its -6 degrees outside and the thought of baring just your legs is bad enough without everything else. Fashion is at that exciting yet awkward time of the year where chunky knits and wellies have gone into sale while shiny new pairs of Birkenstocks and swimwear are being put at the front  of stores. I mean if you’re uber-prepared, you’ll start buying your winter coats now and putting them away but if you’re in the majority of people who like to see what will be in fashion for the next season, you’ll hold back on it.

In the meantime, we were still stuck between scouring the stores for a bargain in the sale, which usually meant there was nothing in her size or hunting for a gem between the new season.

This brings me to the next January Dilemma…


Casual, Casual, Smart-Casual, Casjjjj…that awkward word that gets all of us in a   flap when someone describes the occasion as Smart-Casual. Not Smart-Smart, not Casual-Casual but SMART-CASUAL.

I always try to define that ambiguous word as, “not quite VIP at the Met Bar,” but “not quite a random Thursday night out in Romford,”either. My fail safe for this type of occasion is usually a cute little dress with a blazer and shoe boots or black skinny jeans (never denim!) with a little top (Leopard print for example) high, high heels and sharp accessories.

Nevertheless, we didn’t want holiday dresses nor did we want smart-casual, that glamorous birthday dress was hiding from us somewhere in between the reduced Christmas jumpers and pastel coloured skirts.



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