Return of the Mac

The origins of the humble Mackintosh can be traced back to 1824, when it was invented by Charles Macintosh, merely as a waterproof raincoat. It was given a revival back in the 90s after the fashion power houses Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci began producing their own versions. Now every spring, from supermarket chains, high streets and the catwalk, the Mac is featured in an array of colours and styles. Being dry never looked cooler.

Its’ versatility, practicability and English countryside chicness have made the Mac a popular lightweight coat. It can be paired with jeans and pumps for a relaxed day’s shopping while neutral coloured, belted one can be worn over a formal dress when making your way to a night out.

A few tips before purchasing a Mac:

1. Buy one that is fitted and emphasises your waist with a cinched-in belt.            An oversized mac will make you look about 5 rather than 25.

2. Quilted ones are more practical for day-time activities rather than wearing one to go out in the evening.

3. If you opt for beige or a nude colour, think of; your skin tone, how clumsy you are (a tomato soup splattered jacket is not a good look!) and again the length. You could end up looking more Detective Clouseau than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Here are my top three Macs from Save to Splash to Splurge.


F&F Black Belted Mac £28

Tesco, where you get the best clothes…yes we all know that gibe but as much as it was common to mock supermarket fashion labels, they’re now holding their own. Florence & Fred have some great imitations of designer clothing and their coats, despite the cheap price label, are excellent value for money. This black belted mac is purse-friendly, has that desired cinched-in belt and will go with anything! The v neckline even allows room for a lightweight scarf for those chilly evenings.


Next Black and Neutral Mac £55

In the over £50 category, this mac from Next is a slightly more chic version of the supermarket one with its’ two-tone piping. It gives it more of a military brass look but again, it will look great with jeans or to wear over a LBD. The belt is also detachable so you can create a more casual look without it…just remember to make sure it fits correctly!


LK Bennett Tania Mac £195

And finally for those of you blessed with a generous wage packet, LK Bennett have this little beauty which is flying off their racks fast! The double-breasted front means that this will keep you warm on those rainy spring days but still makes it lightweight enough to not want to make you tug it off as soon as you get on the claustrophobic underground. It is that can-be-difficult stone colour but it will look fabulous throughout SS12 as an update to the more quilted, winter macs in tones of black, brown and grey.

The mac is a wardrobe essential this spring alongside coloured jeans, the blazer and those prints and whether you want to save, splash or splurge your cash, there’s no excuse not to have one.

Unless you live in California…of course.


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