A Street Cat named Bob

I am an absolute sucker for animals, especially cats, so when I saw Bob the cat on ITV’s This Morning today, I knew I’d have to write a blog post about it.

Bob the Cat

For those of you who don’t frequent the tube at Angel or didn’t see the interview, Bob is an extraordinary cat who was rescued by homeless and former heroin addict, James Bowen. He describes how Bob has saved his life after nursing him back to health and how he has kept him on the straight and narrow.  The pair are inseparable and Bob follows him around when James is selling The Big Issue in the Islington area or busking. Bob even wears his own little knitted scarf (many of them made for him by frequent passers-by) and takes a ride on James’ shoulder at the end of a long day. And now James has written a book “A Street Cat Named Bob,” describing their incredible story from when the pair met five years ago to the present day.

The reason why it’s touched me so much (and no, not coz I am destined to be a crazy old cat lady, according to some of you!) is because I used to see Bob virtually everyday for the whole three years when I was at university. Seeing the interview not only gave me a touch of nostalgia but it also made my heart melt because it shows how much animals can touch and shape people’s lives. Whether, you’re a cat or a dog person, any animal lover can appreciate the small but significant bond you form with your pet. They become almost like family members and losing my cat, Holly nearly two years ago was heartbreaking. We grew up with her passing through childhood to early twenties ourselves, as she grew (not much bigger, in fact) from a kitten to a crazy but lovable cat.

Holly 1997- 2010

We now have two  cheeky six-month-old kittens, Pixie and Lott and they’ve already started to make an impact on our lives. Nothing will ever replace Holly but just like we go through life, losing and meeting new people who shape our lives in some form, animals are the same.

Pixie and Lott at six weeks old

If you’re interested to find out more about James and Bob’s story, you can watch the interview below or order the book on Amazon.

A Street Cat named Bob


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