To have and to hold from this day forward

No, don’t panic, I’m nowhere near to being engaged, let alone married but I do love a good wedding. And what I love more than weddings are marriages that last longer than a jar of pickles.

We celebrated my parent’s Silver wedding anniversary at the weekend with a slap-up meal by the coast (check out the Victory pub, as featured on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed)  football (under protest) and cupcakes* that looked too gorgeous to eat.

Too cute to eat

25 years…a quarter of a century is quite an achievement, when you consider the fact that in Hollywood, the majority don’t even last a year or even 24 hours. According to a survey compiled by the European Union’s Eurostat statistical office in Luxembourg, Britain has the highest divorce rate in the EU, with an average of 1.8 divorces for every 1,000 people.

Times have changed, we all know that. Poor economy means that for many marriage and a wedding is out of the question and sometimes even divorce for the sake of financial means can also be a problem, with many young couples staying together just for the sake of paying the rent. Many believe you don’t have to put a ring on it just to show people you’re committed to each other while others throw the ring straight back because it’s socially acceptable to opt out of something that isn’t making you happy.

The ol’ romantic sap in me loves the fact that my parents are childhood sweethearts; they met each other aged 15 at school, were engaged at 18, married at 21 with their own house and I came along when they were 24. They’ve struggled through hard times (my Dad sold his guitar for a calor gas fire *sob*) but always worked so damn hard at their jobs, raising us and most importantly, their marriage. They won’t mind me telling you this but my parents argue, they get on each other’s nerves but they’re also best friends and like a good cheese and wine, complement each other beautifully.

All marriages are different though and there’s always the underlying hope that couples put as much effort in their marital life as well as the ceremony itself.

Here’s to another 25 for all those celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversaries this year and best wishes to some dear friends that are soon to be hitched.



*Cupcakes made by Dawn at Truly Scrumptious.



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