Don’t rain on our parade

It’s July and I have jeans on, with a blanket wrapped round me as we speak. Those of you that know me personally, will know that I am indeed a chilly morsel and moan constantly that I’m cold. But…this is ridiculous!

Here’s a sunset in Spain just in case you’ve all forgotten what it looks like

I’m suffering from post-holiday blues after my little mini-break in Spain and having to wear tights on a night out when I actually have a tan, made me sad. The high street are slashing prices on bikini’s and flip-flops quicker than you can say “recession,” while boots and chunky knits are already arriving on the shelves. So was the heatwave in May our only glimpse of summer this year or is this a delayed reaction from the sun god?

Today is known as St Swithin’s day, when whatever the weather is on this day will continue for the next forty days. I’m therefore not jinxing this and commenting on any of the weather forecast so far today! But I digress…

The bipolar weather has meant that most of us are at loss as to what to wear in the mornings; Wedges or boots? Sunglasses or umbrella? Jacket or no jacket? You get my drift but the key to anyone native or visiting Britain is LAYERING!

Us Brits are quite good at this, we might not have won the Euro or Wimbledon and our public transport is dire but we are good at dressing for four seasons in one day and of course, moaning about it.

We are into the habit of carrying both an umbrella, sunglasses and a pair of flip-flops in our oversized bags so that we’re never caught out unaware. I did find it extremely amusing when I saw some of the Spanish wearing hot pants and vest tops on the flight home. I’m sure for many of them, their first stop was Westfield after arriving, to stock up on jumpers and closed shoes.

For the meantime, I’m keeping all seasons in my wardrobe and creating a mish-mash whenever I go out. Shorts with tights, a vest top with a blazer and rocking ankle boots with a floral summer dress for that festival vibe. A cute cardigan is a fail-safe for unpredictable weather or a light mac if you’re not into your knitwear.

If this is as good as it gets for us Brits over here then dig out your old winter faithfuls and mix them up with your summer staples. But if you are on a holiday countdown (squeaaaaaal) then at least you can take advantage of the summer sales and get all of your essentials for next to nothing. The good news is that we’re expecting to have an indian summer in September so don’t put away the suncream just yet. Oh and if and when we do get a bit of sunshine, please don’t moan about it. Buy yourself a portable fan to take on the tube with you and revel in wearing tailored shorts to work in Autumn. Just saying.

Short but sweet post from me today.

More soon on summer sale bargains and shoes!


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