Surviving the Sales

Who doesn’t love a good sale? There’s nothing better than getting more for your money, especially when you buy a whole outfit for what one item of said outfit originally cost.

Sales shopping…separating the weak from the strong.

Now, I feel that when it comes to sale shopping, there are two kinds of people. The first being those that queue up at silly o’clock in the morning to grab the best lines before they’ve all gone. They’re also the ones that will use aggressive shopping tactics such as subtle elbowing, filling up their baskets with hoards of items and then dumping any unwanted items at the till upon purchasing and rummaging through every last thing at the pace of a charging rhinoceros. Their strategy works alright, but they tend to put the second kind of people off from sale shopping.

The second kind will wander into a store three or so hours after opening hours and usually turn straight back around when they see the jumbled, frenzied mess that the first kind of sale shoppers have left behind. I’m kidding, but seriously, River Island anyone?! If the sale rails look fairly undisturbed and they are laid out in a categorical manner e.g. sizes, prices, all dresses together etc, the more subdued sales shopper will browse at a leisurely pace, waiting for something to catch their eye rather than rifle through everything piece by piece. It doesn’t bother them if they leave empty-handed as they’ll probably have a browse online at home or come back to the sale as the weeks go on. As you’ve probably guessed, I consider myself to be this latter kind of sales shopper. To me, a scrum of women in a confined space is even more terrifying than the New Zealand Rugby Team.

Most people believe that if you don’t get to a sale on its first day, you’ll miss out on the best lines. Take it from someone who has worked in retail for the past six years, many brands reduce the prices of their best sellers till last because they know that some people will hold out for them. It means a gamble with availability and sizing because a more popular line will sell out before it even has a chance to hit the sale but there are still some hidden gems among the remnants of the summer sale.

Some top tips for those last minute bargains:

1. Check online daily or sign up to a store’s daily e-newsletter.

Many stores will inbox you when they have added new lines or reduced current ones further. These will also inform you of benefits such as free deliveries, midnight flash sales and even discounts.

2. Become friendly with your favourite store’s staff.

Chances are they’ll have picked up that you’re a regular, especially if they ask you how you are or know about your new job/holiday/kids etc. Use that relationship to take advantage of personal shopping services, pre-sale previews and VIP treatment. Its a win-win situation, the store values your loyalty and you reap the benefits of being a loyal shopaholic.

3. Shop around.

If you’re not too fussed about the store or brand but you need a last minute outfit for a wedding, shop around first. Debenhams may have 25% off dresses while House of Fraser might have 30% off their shoes and bags. If you’re really time-limited, this might not work as well for you but if you subscribe to e-newsletters etc, you’ll get all the information you need beforehand so that you can shop in a military precision, fuss-free manner. Sorted!

In the meantime, as promised, here are some of the bits that I’ve managed to get my hands on. More to come! Sorry Mr Bank Man. 

Navy Blazer from H&M (Spain) €20

Blue striped Maxi dress from Mango (Spain) €19.99

Car print dress from Primark: £5

Car prints this season have been inspired by Prada’s SS12 collection.

Boat-print graphic skirt from Oasis: £20

Nude raffia platform sandals from Next: £14

So that’s my fair share of bargains, what have you guys been buying?

Share your best buy with me on here or tweet me @daniellestacey1.

And if you’re off to the sales, take some Evian and your best hiking shoes, it’s a jungle out there.


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