Olympic Fever is catching

I never thought I’d say this, but I am actually OBSESSED with the Olympics. This is a shock considering I’ve shown no interest in it during the lead-up to the Games. Along with every other grumbling London resident, I was among those who dreaded the countdown to London 2012 and thought of it as a hindrance rather than a help to the capital.

Nostalgia from my Swimming Club

But now I’ve been made to eat my words as I have tuned in everyday, glued especially to the swimming, rowing and cycling events and taking advantage of the BBC‘s Olympic scheduling. I’ve tweeted my support for Team GB and constantly checked for updates on my lunch breaks via Twitter and Facebook. Like many others who have caught Olympic fever, I regret not trying to get tickets, having been put off by the inevitable crowds on the tube and reports of poorly organised security within the Olympic Park itself.

I’m not alone in my heightened interest in London 2012, according to a survey by Public Service Europe, since the opening ceremony last Friday,  public opinion on the Olympics has changed.  They found that positivity towards the Games rose by 10 per cent after the opening weekend, with 53 per cent stating that they believed it offered value for money. There were concerns prior to the build-up over how much the government were spending on London 2012 and whether it would boost  our economy. This is still unclear as statistics will not be analysed until after the Games but one things for certain, it has certainly boosted the morale of British people, getting them behind Team GB.

While there are mixed opinions on whether London 2012 has encouraged more people to take up exercise, it’s hard to ignore the impact that “Our Summer of Sport,” has had on the country having had the Euro 2012 and Wimbledon as the prelude to the Games. There has never been a better time to get involved in some of sport, whether it’s joining a running club or starting off slow at your local fitness centre. Having spent the majority of my childhood and early adolescence in a swimming pool, watching the Aquatics team has given me a touch of nostalgia and a regret that I wished I hadn’t quit. Alas, regrets are for pessimists and I will be taking part in next year’s Swimathon to raise funds for  Marie Curie Cancer Care. Get involved!

So if you’ve caught Olympic Fever, let us know what you’ve been watching or share your experiences if you’ve actually witnessed Team GB first hand!


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