Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes

My name’s Danielle and I am a Shoeaholic.

A Shoeaholic’s Dream…Courtesy of Pinterest.

It’s definitely genetic because my mother is exactly the same and my shoe obsession has only grown over the past couple of years. Could be something to do with the company I work for and their fabulous shoes but I digress.

At the age of 14, you wouldn’t have got me in a pair of kitten heels, let alone the four or five inch platforms that I swan around in today. In fact my friends love to use my old quote on me, to remind me of my tomboy days:

“When we go to Prom, I’m wearing shorts under my dress and Converse.” 

I literally recoiled in horror when I found my Prom shoes the other day, a bronze satin, no more than two inches wedge. Today, I live by the mantra, “Go High or Go Home,” and kitten heels are literally for pussies (no pun intended).  When you’re 5ft nothing, you’ve got to make up for it somehow.

I’ve lost count of my shoe hoard now, with a whole area under my bed stuffed with shoe boxes and dustbags, from flip-flops and pumps to platforms, wedges and boots. A shoe for every occasion it seems, however it doesn’t really stop me from finding an excuse to buy more. Funny that.

Every shoeaholic also has their own dream pair that they wish to own, whether it be a pair of red-soled Louboutins, a strappy pair of gold Jimmy Choos or Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous royal blue Manolo Blahnik’s. One day, just one.

*Le sigh*

If you’ve got an impressive shoe hoard or you’ve finally got your hands on your most desired pair, send in a photo via Facebook/Twitter or Pinterest.

Remember fellow shoeaholics, help is out there for you…right between the JIMMY and the CHOO sign.


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