Falling in love with the White Isle

“I will remember this moment for the rest of my life,” was one of my cringe-inducing quotes from our last night in Ibiza but it was at that moment that I realised I’d fallen in love with the island, that is a juxtaposition of being crazy and beautiful all at the same time.

The amazing view of the sunset from the strip in San Antonio.

We were sitting on the deck outside Kama Sushi, tucking into fresh egg noodles and crispy vegetables, supping on champagne (coz you’ve got to) and watching the sun sink lower into the sparkling Mediterranean sea in front of us, that seemed to stretch on forever. Judge Jules was just starting his set in the nearby Savannah Beach Club, treating us to a playlist of chilled house music. We later sat on the rocky ledges under the beach bar (challenging for someone as clumsy as I am) sipping on Barcardi Breezers and Desperados…see beautiful meets crazy or slightly chavvy.

It’s so easy why people go back to the White Isle, year after year. Yes, it can be silly-expensive especially if you go to a superclub like Amnesia, Pacha or Space every night and unless you’ve saved like mad in the lead-up up to your holiday, you’ll find that you spend way over your budget. Ibiza can be done on a budget though and we did exactly that and still managed to go to tonnes of events.

If trance and techno are not your thing, then the super clubs might not be up your street. We ventured to Amnesia one night because Example was meant to be there (sadly he injured his leg) and we lasted a mere two hours raving it up in sunglasses before succumbing to our hunger and jumping back on the bus to San Antonio for pizza.

However, we were staying in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio, which catered for both dance and indie rock fans so we got to see Bloc Party and Zane Lowe on the Wednesday night with DJ Fresh on the bill for the We Are Rockstars event on Friday. The hotel is basic to say the least and although there were issues of a broken, leaky fridge, unhelpful reception staff and a maid who conveniently always seemed to turn up when one of us were in the shower, it’s worth staying there just to have the gigs included in your price.

Frontman Kele of Bloc Party on stage at the Ibiza Rocks gig

We managed to get right to the front of the Bloc Party gig with an impressive set from Zane Lowe beforehand, who helped to whip the crowd up into a frenzy. Many thanks to those who threw beer, toilet roll and lilos from their balconies onto the scrum that we were in below but it made for an awesome atmosphere. Bloc Party debut some of the new tracks off their aptly named “Four” album along with crowd favourites “Helicopter,” “Hunting for Witches,” “Banquet” and of course “Flux.” We went along to the after show party at Es Paradis, where we threw some shapes (the Mo-Bolt anyone?!) to classic indie rock anthems in a more glamorous setting than our local watering hole Edge.

Having been partying for 15 hours straight, we gave in to spending 9€ on a can of RedBull each in order to keep on truckin’ till 5.30am. During the day, on one of the more overcast days in the White Isle, we went on the Ibiza Rocks the Boat Party. Having rocked up in our Primarni jersey dresses and our hair scurfed back cabbage-patch doll style, we were like three grumpy old women to start with, as our fellow hotel roomies turned up coiffed within an inch of their life in bikini’s with more cut-outs than a roll of pastry. A Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg (or two) took the edge off proceedings and soon we were jumping around to old school RnB and trying to converse with a group of very Scottish lads behind us. We settled on just humming The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” with them instead. Music is clearly not lost in translation.

Jamie Wrecs is Ibiza Rocks’ resident acoustic singer. Photo courtesy of Amy Robson.

Halfway through the boat party, we stopped in a bay where we could have a swim or listen to an acoustic set from the very talented James Morrison look-alike Jamie Wrecs. Choosing the latter over swimming as we did not want to be sprinkled with fish-shaped biscuits in the sea (Ha. Ha.) we sung along to Wonderwall, The A Team and Mr Brightside. It wasn’t the best day of our lives as Jack our rep told us it would be, but it was definitely another highlight of our time in Ibiza.

The West End is where we spent most of our evenings. Yes, it looks like a typical clubbing scene in England with rows and rows of bars- Irish, Scottish, Cheesy Pop, 80s and 90s themed, Trance clubs, Indie clubs, Strip Clubs…you name it, it’s got it. It’s also a lot cheaper than the superclubs with PRs tempting you into their clubs with promises of bottles of vodka, shots and cocktails all for 10€ each. The spirits aren’t usually branded and you can usually find a bottle that rivals paint stripper in the nearest supermarket for under 6€ but it does the job nonetheless. It’s always best to pre-drink before you go out anywhere anyways, the Ibiza Rocks Hotel has its own supermarket but there’s a number of mini-marts dotted around the area along with a Spar close to the harbour front. 

The choice of bars, like I said, is endless but we found ourselves ending up in Eden Corner and Capone (both owned by the same people) near enough every evening/morning. If you get friendly with the bar staff, you’ll usually find that you’re given a few extra shots in your Sex on the Beach, which is possibly why all of us now have an aversion to vodka post-holiday. But I digress…

The West End is also home to some seriously cute little trinket and souvenir shops so you can grab your I ❤ Ibiza t-shirts, fridge magnets and postcards. You’ll find all of the club merchandise around here too with shops dedicated to Ibiza Rocks, Pacha, Ushuaia and Cathy and David Guetta’s brand F*** Me I’m Famous. It kind of reminds me of the lanes in Norwich and while Ibiza is notorious for it’s nightlife, you’ll find young families strolling around the restaurants and shops during the day. It’s only at night and in the wee hours, that the madness really comes alive. While, we didn’t make it to Zoo Project this year, it’s still worth checking out Kiss My Fairy by the egg roundabout near Es Paradis. It’s a fancy dress and bodypainting shop and they do some amazing designs if you’re going to a themed event over there.

One of Savannah’s infamous club sandwiches…NOM! Photo courtesy of Amy Robson.

Finally, for those who don’t believe that eating is cheating, there’s a huge choice of generic restaurants serving burgers to thai food and paella, cafes, diners and of course takeaways, which is always a blessing at 4am when nothing but a kebab will suffice. For breakfast, we usually found ourselves in the nearby Ohio cafe owned by the cheery Ricardo, who served up a delicious English breakfast on the mornings when we were feeling a tad delicate. Also check out Fatso’s if you’re after a scrummy baguette or jacket potato to fill a hole in the afternoon. Koppas and the Leopard bar along the sea front serve absolutely everything if you’re all undecided on what to eat and they’re also great value for money. Cafes and bars along the sunset strip are obviously a bit more expensive but Savannah have amazing club sandwiches and smoothies if you want to eat and watch the sunset at the same time. See, it’s not all about pot noodle and crisps.

On our last night at Kama Sushi watching the sunset.

Finally, Ibiza would not have been complete without my fellow partners in crime Amy and Joanna and of course, our new found Northern friends Greg, Matt, Matty, Tom and Ross. I leave you with what inadvertently became our holiday song.

Fashion post coming up soon on what we wore in the White Isle!


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