Glamorous Indie Rock n Roll

Today has been one of those Computers-Hate-Me days, where you can’t seem to get anything done because it either decides to freeze or crash, it can’t find the printer or the internet decides to behave in the most agonising  slow way so that by the time you’ve refreshed Ticket Master a billion times and then it turns out the tickets are sold out anyways, you want to throw it at the wall. Aaaaand…breathe.

After an unsuccessful attempt at trying to buy stamps (yes stamps, in an age where everything is sent through cyber space and no one had any!) a missed bus, a diverted bus and a failed attempt at getting tickets for a band I’ve been wanting to see for ages, today has been a day of general annoyances. Y’know one of those days when you feel like you’ve been working your arse off but nothing seems to be getting done. A definite bang-your-head-against-a-wall day.

Nevertheless, I refuse to write a ranty blog post without a bit of light heartiness  to balance it out. There’s nothing better at the end of the day to chill out in bed with your headphones in and losing yourself in your own little world for a while. I’m surprised I’ve never written a post on  music before because it is literally my other favourite thing in life beside fashion.

Before the Bloc Party gig in Ibiza.

There’s nothing better than going to a gig- the lead-up, the atmosphere, the music and screaming so loud that you’ve lost your voice at the end of the night. Even the not-so-brilliant things about gigs are brilliant- freezing your bum off in the queue outside the venue,  getting thrown about and people standing on your feet and getting hit on the head by a drumstick (true story that). It all adds to the ambiance, if you like. A bit of glamorous indie rock n roll as I always like to call it.

Having grown up with a Quadrophenia-loving father, the soundtrack to my childhood is a mixture of 60s and 70s rock bands (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones) 80s new wave (Duran Duran, Spandeu Ballet) and 90s Britpop and grunge (Oasis, Nirvana) so it’s no wonder that I’m into guitar wielding bands. Indie, Rock, Alternative Dance and a bit of Nu Metal (no screamo please) and Acoustic Folk. Not the umbrella term of ’emo-grunger music‘ that all the ‘cool’ kids threw around in school.

However, I am broad-minded and I’ll happily dance to chart and RnB all night in a club. I even experienced trance in Amnesia in Ibiza, which wasn’t my ideal cup of tea but nonetheless, I didn’t completely close my mind off to it before seeing what it was like first.

So winter is a’coming and for some craaaazy reason, we end up frequenting Brixton and Camden more in the lead-up to Christmas. Like I said, there’s nothing better than layering yourself up pre-gig, sweating buckets and then descending into a cold sweat post-gig because of the temperature extremities. Having missed out on tickets for a band Palma Violets, who I’ve been keeping on my radar for a while (check out my review of their debut single here) we’re all on the hunt for checking out new bands as well as pre-loved ones. A festival will definitely be on the cards next summer also and I can’t quite believe at the age of almost 23 (waaaaa!) that I haven’t been to one yet! I blame my fear of nature and portaloos for that one but I’m willing to get over these now for my love of live music.

I shall leave you with my soundtrack to my week, post me your Spotify playlists on here or my Facebook page.

Maroon 5- Give me One More Night

Other Tribe- Skirts

The Smiths- Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

Palma Violets- Best of Friends

Howler- Back of Your Neck

Alt-J- Something Good

Two Door Cinema Club- Sleeps Alone

Coldplay- Hurts Like Heaven

Everything Everything- Cough Cough


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