Growing up and Quiet Weekends

Saturday night TV is atrocious, I mean, absolutely dire! I really wish I wasn’t able to write about this but as much as I’ve pencilled in things to do for pretty much every weekend up until Christmas, I knew a ‘quiet weekend’ at some point would be inevitable.

At this moment in time, I am entirely unsure whether the quiet weekend has any appeal to me. From a productive point of view, we are redecorating my bedroom (check out my Pinterest mood board here) in the next coming weeks so I’ve had the mammoth task of sifting out rubbish from yesteryears and in the process, have taken a few trips down memory lane, laughed my head off at old photos and notebooks and essentially thrown out an entire Canadian Redwood worth of paper in the form of uni and school notes. Therefore, my biggest decision this weekend has been choosing between Duckegg Blue, Open Air and Cottonfield white paint pots and tomorrow, we will be dismantling the monstrosity that is my FUTON* so yes, absolutely thrilling.

I mean it’s been fun picking out accessories and furnishings to replace the old toot in my room with and of course,  I am excited about having “a grown-up girl’s bed” as my dear friends call it. My shins will be grateful that I will no longer have to climb up a ladder half-cut at 3am after a night out and instead (when I am not having a quiet weekend!) I will fall face-first onto my bed like every normal twenty-something with my coat and shoes still on.

Don’t get me wrong, doing nothing is sometimes nice and I’ve been able to spend time catching up with the family in the sense of a Chinese and dancing in the hallway to the likes of The Smiths, James and Music to Watch the Girls Go By. It’s little moments like that you look back on fondly and just earlier on this evening, I was talking about childhood memories with my cousin of when we used to stay over our grandparents house and the crazy things they used to let us do. Only our grandparents would let us turn their old garage into a summerhouse with our own sofa, TV, fridge and snooker table and let us turn their dining room into a music shop/cafe/editorial newsroom with whatever we decided we wanted to be that day. In that same room, we also put Haribo sweets on the fan as part of our own “Gameshow” and sat under the table at parties, feeding sausage rolls to the dog.

On our last day in Year 11

Taking little trips down to memory lane make you realise how special your childhood and adolescence actually are, even if they contain some of the most embarrassing, awkward times of your life. They feature the memories that have made you the person you are today. Throughout my entire secondary school education, I never put my hand up in class even when I knew the answer and I absolutely hated giving speaking presentations, so much so that I’d literally be hyperventilating. Don’t get me wrong, given the choice now I wouldn’t voluntarily ever give a speech in front of hundreds of people but I’m not afraid of speaking to new people now and I’m no longer afraid of speaking up in a room full of people.

Although I’m not sure whether I like this whole quiet weekend thing, it’s similar to my stance on being grown up or ‘adult’ if you want to choose the more mature term. When you’re young, the only thing you want to be is older but it’s funny that once you’re at uni or in a job with responsibilities, all you want is to be six again and have your mum take your ‘worries’ away with a stroke of your hair. But on the other hand, I love the responsibilities of earning your own money, driving your own car, being able to go out and socialise and the general freedom and independence you get as an adult. No matter how old you are, there will always be troubles and problems but if life was all rainbows and sunshine all the time, we wouldn’t appreciate all of the good things we had as much. I guess in a way, quiet weekends give you time to re-cooperate from a busy week and they make the crazy, busy weekends all that more special rather than a routine. Afterall, life’s about mixing the sugar with the spice.

*Posh word for what essentially is a bunk-bed with a sofa underneath it but regardless, futon yeah?


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