Monday Blues

We all know that feeling; the unwelcome alarm rudely awakens you from your slumber, while your arm stretches blindly in the darkness of your room to hit the ‘Snooze,’ button to allow you just five more minutes of precious sleep. You may hit the said ‘Snooze’ button about half a dozen times but it’s all part of the morning routine, so much so that you break your personal best time on a weekly basis for getting ready for work in the quickest amount of time possible.

However, the resistance to stir from your bed is even more greater on one particular day of the week, more so than others…the recurring bane of our lives that is…


Are Monday Blues a collective Myth or a genuine feeling?

It is the day of the week that evokes groans and sighs from just about everyone and the day that makes us trudge to work with a heavy heart, grumbling that weekends go too quickly and then the inevitable countdown to the golden day that is Friday. Never has there ever been a greater oxymoron than the band name “Happy Mondays.”

According to a survey by Flomax Relief: “the average respondent…spent 34 minutes moaning on a Monday morning, compared to just 22 minutes during the rest of the week…while one in three people said they hated Monday more than any other day of the week.”

Other scientists have however dispelled the Monday Blues as a myth, such as Professor Arthur Stone who conducted a survey in America and found that: “The perception of Blue Mondays is likely prevalent due to the extreme contrast in mood from Sunday to Monday, even though there is no real difference in mood with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.”

I suppose it makes sense in a way because at the weekend, we’re more likely to stay up later and indulge a little bit more while we leave our work-related worries locked in our desk drawers at the office until they creep up on us come Monday morning. We never seem to learn from the Friday notion of “I’ll worry about that on Monday,” until BAM!! the dreaded day hits you smack in the face and drags you with its claws from your bed. The Friday feeling could indeed be our own worst enemy.

However, as a nation and a British one at that (we do love a good moan, let’s be honest) I think the Monday Blues inevitably brings us all together collectively so that we can all complain together. As they say, misery loves company and you wouldn’t want to be that guy who is ploughing through their work tasks with a Cheshire Cat grin on your face, wishing everyone a good morning at the photocopier as you duplicate a 200 page report amongst all of the Monday Moaners. Nah huh.

Unless you’ve won the Lottery of course but in that case, I think anyone who’d won a couple of million would be jetting off to the Bahamas with their P45 in their hand.

So as Monday is coming slowly to an end, the light at the end of the tunnel has become a day closer. In fact, even writing about how miserable Monday is has made me feel a tad better. I think by the end of the day, people across the nation are breathing a sigh of relief as they shut their computers down, grateful that they have survived the worst day of the week without wanting to staple their fingers to their desks and stick post-its all over their face.

So what can you do to make your Monday a little bit more Mellow?

1. Jump out of bed ready to kick Monday right in its’ moosh

Ambitious I know but rather than delaying the process and making it all the more harder to get out of your pit, lay your clothes out and prepare your lunch on Sunday evening so that you literally do not have to think too much first thing. Leave your waking up until your commute, where you can join other bleary-eyed commuters.

2. Fill your iPod with uplifting music

Don’t stick on Adele while on your morning commute. If you’re like me and you prefer music over someone talking to you first thing, put on your work-out playlist or the soundtrack from your weekend. Hopefully it won’t be counteractive and make you pine for the weekend that’s gone and instead you’ll be sashaying into the office ready to face the day. Well, maybe you won’t because it’s Monday but it’ll wake you up and make your commute a little bit more bearable.

3. Prepare a ‘To Do’ List on Friday

I know the last thing anyone wants to do is to think about the week ahead on a Friday but spending two minutes of your life writing out a quick ‘To Do’ list and putting it on your computer screen will save you 30 minutes of the “What the hell am I meant to be doing?!” flapping that most people endure on a Monday morning. And also, every time you check something off your list, you’ll feel that little bit more sense of accomplishment. Giving yourself a mental pat-on-the-back is another way to kick Monday’s butt.

4. Get some fresh air on your break

Thousands and thousands of employees don’t take their full hour for their lunch break while even more sit at their desks and take a working lunch. DON’T DO IT!! Escape from the office, even if it’s for 20 minutes and even if you end up just wandering aimlessly down your high street, it gives your eyes a break from your PC screen and your brain a time-out.

5. Shut down and Hibernate

Once the Monday working day is over, try to forget any obstacles or annoyances you came across during the day. Focus on getting home and sitting down to your favourite dinner. Lose yourself in a book or a bit of TV or even plan a spontaneous evening with friends for dinner or a movie, as a nice start to the weekend.

Now with that, go forth and face the week!!

I leave you with something that never fails to make me smile…



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