Eat your Heart Out, Laura Ashley!

I’m blogging today while sitting at my new Scandinavian pine dressing table in my newly decorated boudoir. Yes folks, I am not longer sleeping on the floor like a hobo and was as a snug as a bug in my new bed on Christmas Eve, just in time.

As my friends have kindly called it, my new ‘grown-up girl‘ bed comes complete with scatter cushions, silk throws and more likely than not, a sleeping cat, who becomes slightly miffed when I relegate her to the end of the bed at night. I have more storage than a squirrel and mother is now pleased that I’ll have less bruises now that I can navigate around my room without hitting my shins on everything (where there’s a will, there’s a way I guess).

My new obsession at the moment is trawling through cyberspace for dinky knick-knacks (read: not clutter) and cute bits and bobs for my boudoir. I don’t know if this is thanks to my inner OCD, who likes to have everything matching, my attraction to new and shiny things or whether it is because I am actually getting old and will soon have an interest in gardening and birds to go alongside my home interiors fad. I have spent far too many hours amongst the aisles of B&Q and Homebase in the past month, I can tell you!

Birdcage Lamp from B&Q

Birdcage Lamp from B&Q

I have however found some cute little gems (I’m going with the white vintage look for accessories) including a miniature jewellery chest with chrome heart handles at £9.99, a mannequin jewellery stand from a gorgeous little shop in Romford called Changing Rooms at £7.99 and a cream birdcage lampshade for £24.98 from good ol’ B&Q. I’m currently hunting for a tiered dressing table mirror, preferably one that looks like a Shabby Chic one without the Shabby Chic price-tag!

My 'grown up girl' bed...about time!

My ‘grown up girl’ bed…about time!

Jewellery stand- Changing Rooms, Jewellery box- Homebase

Jewellery stand- Changing Rooms, Jewellery box- Homebase

So if any of you fellow-knick-knack lovers come across any little finds, holler at me on here or Pinterest. I’d also recommend Not On The High Street or Flutterbyes for anyone who is looking for an unique gift for someone.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have overindulged on chocolates, Baileys and the love-to-hate TV specials. It’s time to wake yourself up for a knees up at New Year’s Eve and I’ll be putting up a fashion special post over the weekend if you’re still stuck for ideas for what to wear to bring in 2013.

Apologies for the low-quality photos, I’m currently snapping pics on my Blackberry and will be purchasing a new camera!

If you’re going to attempt to shop in the sales though, I suggest you wear your most comfiest shoes, pack a bottle of Evian and take precautions with a crash helmet…it’s a Jungle out there.


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