Cheesecake and Cocktails

I am currently revelling in another quiet Sunday after an awesome day and evening out with the girls yesterday. I apologise for the lack of posts, as of late, things have been pretty hectic and I’ve crashed into bed by 10pm most nights. Living the dream, people, living the dream.

Instead of our usual haunts in Shoreditch and the City, we spent the afternoon and evening having dinner and bar-hopping our way around Covent Garden and the West End and experienced some erm…interesting  cocktail choices.

Although the weather wasn’t as warm as anticipated this weekend (Summer, seriously where art thou?) that didn’t put us off from wearing our floral, polka-dot and chiffon numbers. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of shoe however that will allow you to walk across the cobbles of Covent Garden without a few near-miss face-palms so we wobbled our way across the Piazza to Henry’s Cafe Bar on Henrietta Street.

I won’t bore you with the details of what we all had to eat but it was lovely just to chill out and have a goss without our meal being rushed along. The staff in Henry’s are also super friendly but it is best to book a table to guarantee a seat in there as it can get quite busy, especially at the weekend. The   interior with its stripy pouffes, brocade patterned carpet and chandeliers reminded me of a 1920s jazz lounge and I then wished that I had donned a Daisy Buchanan style headband.

Having an absolute sweet-tooth, I don’t think any of us could resist having dessert, especially when it looked this good!

Henry's Vanilla Cheesecake...yum!

Henry’s Vanilla Cheesecake…yum!

And of course when you’re in Covent Garden, cocktails come hand-in-hand with cheesecake and we treated ourselves to a couple of Strawberry Daiquiris and Greek Island Iced Teas. Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw!

Ladies that lunch

Ladies that lunch

We started as we meant to go on and that meant taking advantage of Happy Hour cocktails in Roadhouse just a few yards away from Henry’s, before making our way to Leicester Square.

En route we were approached by one of the PR girls for The Foundation Bar in Langley Street for a free cocktail and of course that being our main theme for the day, if you like, there was no way that we would turn down a free one. How naive of us.

The bar décor itself is awesome (although I’m not fond of clubs with steep staircases) but I liked the eclectic vibe of the place, just not the eclectic cocktails. Our free drink was the bar’s special Garden Jam, served in a jam jar of course and after much deliberation about what the funny Worcester sauce aftertaste was, we discovered that the vodka and puréed strawberry combo also contained basil leaves. Yes, basil?!?! I’m all for trying out new concoctions but it tasted like blended Pizza. Too good to be true.

The girls with our delightful freebie in a jam jar

The girls with our delightful freebie in a jam jar

Having quickly downed the entrées, we quickly hot-footed our way to Ruby Blue right in the middle of Leicester Square, where upon entry we were asked if we wanted to fill some seats in their Saturday night comedy club with Channel 4 comedians. Not in the front row, they said. It would be hilarious, they said. We were plonked slap-bang right in the middle of the front row and from then on we knew we had taken our lives into our hands. While the presenter Nina Benjamin had us in stitches, the first act of the night Angie McEvoy swore her way through her ‘jokes’ and told an overexcited hen party to be quiet or words to that effect…

Although we were extremely grateful to not be picked on, since we had giggled our way through the opening because of the sheer randomness of ending up there, we all agreed to escape downstairs to the dancefloor after the first act. As much as I admire anyone for having the balls to get on stage and do stand-up in front of a reasonably large crowd, it was all a little bit too awkward for my liking.

Ruby Blue is always generally a fun night out, being one of the better bars in Leicester Square because I find the West End a little too touristy. It does get absolutely packed in there though and with a coach-load of final year students out celebrating their end of university exams in matching bar crawl t-shirts, we were up to our eyeballs in sweat, glowsticks and questionable dance moves. Niiiiiice.

Having been on our feet solidly for a good 9 hours or so, we headed home before midnight like Cinderella in her pumpkin coach, treating our fellow tube passengers to a high-pitched rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” and Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” Had to be done of course, it topped off the day splendidly.

In the meantime, I am also contributing articles on a weekly basis to Yuppee Magazine. If any of my fellow wannabe journos want to add a little extra writing experience to their CVs, I highly recommend getting in touch with the team as they’re always looking for writers. I’m also counting down to a highly overdue break in the sun visiting my grandparents in July and looking for a team to compete in a triathlon later on in the month. I’ve been bit by the challenge bug since my Swimathon in April, does that make me crazy? Possibly.


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