We’re going to the Zoo, Zoo…

Right now I feel like Frenchie from Grease with hair full of Crème Peroxide as I’m  moving further away from being blonde. Yeah, blondes have fun but dark roots are far too much hassle so I’m going for a reddy-chocolate brown. Change is good apparently.

I’m feeling super sleepy today, those of you who know me well will know how badly I suffer from hayfever (and how much I moan about it!) and yesterday literally did feel like the longest day ever but a fun one all the same.

As a change from the norm, I went to London Zoo Lates with the work gang. No kids, no fuss and plenty of food, cider and onesies! Luckily the rain held off for the evening so the Zoo had a really awesome festival vibe to it. I don’t think any of us realised how popular it would be and there were hundreds of people dressed up in animal print with their faces painted for the occasion. Call me a spoilsport but I didn’t really fancy the idea of  travelling home on the tube later on dressed as a tiger! Maybe some other time…

The Meet the Monkeys enclosure

The Meet the Monkeys enclosure

If you are looking for something different to do then I would highly recommend checking it out. Not only do you get to see the animals during the dusk hours with many of the enclosures allowing you to get up close and personal with them but there’s a food festival, (Nom) a cabaret show, a silent disco and a mini fairground for your inner child. Although it’s not the cheapest of nights out as most of the food dishes and drinks are a minimum of a fiver and if you’re not within the vicinity of North London, it’s a bit of a trek on the tube and a walk from the station, albeit a picturesque walk, weather permitting.

As cheesy as it sounds (and even their website suggests this!) it would be pretty cool for a first date, just not TOWIE style! As a mixed bunch, we had such a laugh, probably too much at some points! It’s been a stressful couple of weeks so it was lovely to be out of the office and socialise with everyone. I do have an excellent photo of them all outside the Penguin enclosure but I think I’d be put on tea duty for the entirety of the week if I upload it to the blog 😉 Just kidding, guys!

I’m now off to wake myself up in time for tonight’s shenanigans in Shoreditch…where else of course?! Looking forward to a good ol’ fashioned night out in the big, bad city. Whether you’re snuggling up in front of the TV or getting ready for a massive night out, have a good one!

As promised, I will be uploading a beauty products post, it’s about time I got one on here! Toodlepip!


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