Blogging Woes…

It’s been a while and through no fault of my own, yes ladies and gents, I’m having to deal with a fashion blogger’s worst nightmare (other than having nothing in your wardrobe to wear!) no Internet connection. Nightmare!

It sucks especially because following on from my post about Company’s blogging forum, I’ve got some lovely new followers across the social networking hemisphere (Helloooooo!) and since I’m off on a very much needed break abroad next week, I thought I’d apologise for my lack of posts in the past week or so.

I’ve still got an awesome post (plus some short videos) to put up about Hard Rock Calling on the 29th July, which was amazing and we couldn’t have better weather if we tried! And by the way, how gorgeous has it been?! Let’s hope it sticks around for the remainder of the summer. And then last weekend, we celebrated my not-so-baby-brother-anymore’s 21st birthday with a suits and cocktail dresses theme so I’ve had the best of both worlds for the last couple of weekends…a little bit of Essex and a little bit of the City.

To be continued courtesy of Starbuck’s free Wifi and a couple of Caramel Frappuchinos…


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