The Art of Smiling when you’re Overwhelmed

So how many of you are  sprawled out on your sofas, wine in one hand, bag of Malteasers in the other, with a good movie on the TV? Whether it’s a pizza and movie night or a candles and Massive Attack one, I hope you’ve all breathed a sigh of relief because the weekend is here people!

I’ve got my ol’ Indie Chill Out playlist on courtesy of Spotify, I’m adding gems to it all the time from electro and indie dance to acoustic and pop. If you’re on Spotify and you wanna take a listen, check it out here- Indie Chill-Out.

It’s been an absolute hectic week, y’know the ones where everything seems to come at once and you feel slightly overwhelmed by things…yeaaaah THAT. I’d probably get bored if life didn’t put me on my toes every now and again, you’ve just gotta learn to pirouette out of it. I am grateful to be having a night in though with a bit of peace and quiet.

Although things are crazy, I’m massively happy and I know I have a tendency to write ‘deep’ (for want of a better word!) blog posts but in a way, writing is my therapy. If I’ve got something on my mind (99.9% of the time!) then I  find that if I write things down, it’s a way of getting things off my chest without having to bombard my friends and family etc. I always used to keep a diary when I was younger- found some the other day, hilarity ensued- and after about the age of 19, I stopped for some reason. My future self probably knew that I couldn’t hack the cringe-fest! But anyways, I still keep a journal of sorts, but it’s less formal than a diary (the empty pages put me on a guilt-trip) so I kind of just write in it as and when I feel like it.

How do you guys deal with feeling overwhelmed?


Anyways, before I go off on another tangent, happy I be and even more exciting, I’m off to Barcelona in a couple of weeks for a long weekend. I’ve heard and seen so many awesome things about it and I can’t wait to see more of the country I call my adopted second home. Of course, a blog post will follow and in the meantime, I’m hunting around for last minute summer threads because jumpers, boots and those gorgeous, rich Autumn colours are starting to creep on to the High Street. Although I prefer Summer over any season, any day, I do love Britain’s Autumn trends. Again, keep a look out for an upcoming post.

If anyone has got any advice on things to do and places to see in Barcelona, post your comments on here! Las Ramblas, the Sangrada Familia, Nou Camp, Placa de Catalunya and the beach are already on our list of things to do but if anyone knows about the city’s hidden treasures, throw them my way!

In the meantime, whatever you get up to this weekend, take time out of your day to unwind and have some YOU time.

Short but sweet post today…my bed’s calling.



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