Summertime Sadness

Okay before you assume that this post is going to be a pessimistic “Summer’s nearly over” rant…rest assured, it’s not!

I know many people feel that the August Bank Holiday weekend is like that last magical time where you can let your hair down before the nights start drawing in etc but make summer last. So what if it’s absolutely chucking it down? Go on that roadtrip anyway! Book a last minute break, deals are always better once the kids are back at school or just simply refuse to take your flip-flops off until you lose your toes to the October chill.

September is one of my favourite months of the year, especially because we always seem to have a bit of an Indian Summer. The only issue I have with this time of the year is the British High Street and its eagerness for bringing out their knitwear and boots already. Having worked in retail, I know that’s the way things go from a commercial and marketing point of view because when the weather goes back to its normal, dull, grey self, at least stores will be well stocked.

BUT…summer’s not over yet, people go away all year round, what does a girl have to do to find a decent bikini and sandals?! There’s just the sad remnants of a mish-mash sale where you can always find the bikini top in your size but not the matching bottoms, the only sandals left are neon jellies in size 3s and 8s with not a sundress in sight. And you can forget sunglasses unless you want novelty rave ones. *Le sigh*

So while I am admittedly not a fan of online shopping, I’ll always have a browse before I go out looking in stores because I like to try things on before I buy them as sizing is so varied depending on the shop. I have, however, found quite a few gems on ASOS, where summer is clearly not over!

Here’s my wish-list:

ASOS scalloped shorts

ASOS scalloped shorts

These shorts are perfect if you’re off to a late summer festival or a little city jaunt in the evening. Tailored shorts look a lot sharper in a city than a pair of denim cut-offs and these can take you right into the Autumn. Swap your sandals for ankle boots as the clever bods at ASOS have done.

ASOS Rose print Sundress

ASOS Rose print Sundress

I am an absolute sucker for a sundress, they’re my summer staple as opposed to my winter tea-dresses. They’re effortless and you can rough them up with boots or add a light denim jacket for those chillier day or they’re perfect for the beach if you’re not a fan of the floaty kaftan.

ASOS Frill Bandeau Bikini

ASOS Frill Bandeau Bikini

This bikini is super cute! If you hate tan lines but like a well structured, padded bikini top then the bandeau is for you. I like to know that I can still have a swim in the sea without getting those tell-tale strap marks or an embarrassed red face…

New Look Aztec fringed sandals featured on ASOS

New Look Aztec fringed sandals featured on ASOS

Finally, if you’re doing a bit of sightseeing or you’re off on a roadtrip, good shoes are a must! Save the pumps for the office and buy a pair of sandals that will take you right through the day into the night. I’d pair these with some culotte shorts by day and then with one of my many ditsy print floral dresses for the evening.

Sorted! Now where did I put my purse?!


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