Forever 21

Isn’t it funny how small events can lead to significant changes in life? Time seems to be going at 100mph and before I can even catch my breath (or a wink of sleep) another week appears to have rolled by and before you know it, it’ll be the dreaded C word…Christmas.

I’ve said this before but I feel that since graduating two years ago, life is zooming by at an alarming rate. I didn’t want to turn 20, let alone 24 on my next birthday in January but I guess I can revel in the fact that I still get ID’d for absolutely everything. Maybe I’ll be one of those women who can pull off looking 30-odd in their forties, here’s hoping!

Graduation was two years ago...whaaaa?!

Graduation was two years ago…whaaaa?!

Anyways, I digress…I had a little shingdig at mine last weekend, which resulted in several games of Twister in the wee hours (you’re never too old!) but by the time 3.30am rolled around, I was most definitely up way past my bedtime and if my life were a Disney movie, I’d most definitely have turned into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight. Despite then getting up at the reasonable time of 10am (hangover-free, I might add!) my Sunday was a complete and utter write-off  and I channel-hopped my way through most of the day, with even the small task of making lunch being an arduous one. It seems that I can’t hack a night out past 1.30am these days let alone do two nights out on the tiles and god forbid ever going out on a school night.

I’m hoping that my inner dormouse will soon adapt to living la vida loca again, especially as I’m back in the big, bad city.

It’s not just my perchance for a decent night’s sleep, it’s also little things like suddenly becoming interested in things like the British Bake-Off, Grand Designs and Countryfile. Meals out also seem to be more common than a night out, I mean with a Tastecard, you’ve got yourself a 2-4-1 bargain there and I’ve also noticed that between my friends and I, we’re no longer opting for the House Wine, just because it’s the cheapest thing on the menu…no more alcoholic vinegar for us! Bring on the knitting needles and beige velcro shoes!

I’m totally kidding, I’ll still be rocking sky high heels, whizzing around in my Madge mobile when I’m like 80-odd!

Anyways, you’ll be glad to hear that on the job front, I’m settling in well. I only get lost on a twice-daily basis now, I’m still in awe of the amazing view from the office and I’m enjoying meeting and speaking to new people. My gym regime has also upped its ante (possibly due to the amount of cakes and biscuits the Notebook team get sent…yummy!) and I’ve also experienced my first fire drill evacuation, let’s just say that I’m super glad that we have to go down fifty flights of stairs, as opposed to up! I’m still praying that Canary Wharf will see sense however and open up a Greggs within the vicinity, I was spoilt in Essex with not one but three within reach of my old office. Mmm…baked goods.

In the meantime, I have become uber-addicted to Pinterest! It’s always be a slight little obsession of mine but now its out in the open. I’m an absolute sucker for a mood board and if I wasn’t chasing my journo dream, I’d want to be an Interior Design. Just one small problemo…I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler and I probably couldn’t be trusted with a glue gun. Ah wells, at least I can make things look pretty virtually instead. Check out my latest trend boards here; Beautiful Burgundy, Pretty in Pink and Halloween.

Posts will be more regular from now on- I pinky-promise. I unfortunately keep having recurring headaches/migraines and by the end of most days, my eyes feel like they’re bleeding from the strain (niiiiice mental image, soz) but I’m getting the ol’ blinkers tested at the end of the week just to rule that out.

I’m off for an early night with a cuppa tea and a good book…oh life!



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