Calm before the Storm

So did anybody else expect to wake up to a Wizard of Oz type scene outside on Monday morning? Yeah me too…the media eh? *Tsk* 

Living on the borders of good ol’ Essex and East London, I didn’t come across any flying farm animals but just a few scattered wheelie bins and a very small fallen tree, the path was clear for my journey to work. The district line was no worse than it usually is and trundled along at a snail’s pace, stopping every so often, perhaps to give us a slow scenic tour of a dual carriageway and people’s back gardens. I mean, there can’t be that many signal failures, can there?

And to those of you who were bleating, “St Jude, come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough,” you don’t seriously want to wake up with no roof above your head, do you? Over-hyped yes, but don’t underestimate Mother Nature. Think of all those poor people who have been seriously affected by the storm, with no power and flooding and those who have lost their lives, rather than raving about having a duvet day.


Anyways, moving on from my hippie rant, October’s been a quiet month and as I’ve said before, I do feel like I’ve aged 20 odd years through my preference to stay in rather than go out. It’s all in aid of a worthy little adventure that I’ll talk about by the end of this week, one word: Excited! And of course, it’s Halloween this Thursday so I’ll be swapping my PJs and slippers for a witch’s get-up. I really wanted to go as Poison Ivy from Batman but y’know so little time and all that jazz but I have been looking to Pinterest and other bloggers (Vivianna Does Makeup, Katie’s Beauty Blog) for some Halloween make-up inspiration. This time last year my friend Joanna and I were on our trek up North for our Ibiza friends’ party but this year we’re having a girls night out in good ol’ Essex. Photos and a blog post to follow of course, what are you all dressing up as this year?

So before Christmas is upon us (gahhh…that word again!) ‘Gig season’ starts, which hopefully means evenings out in the likes of Camden and Brixton once again. XFM announce their Winter Wonderland line-up tomorrow and after last year’s awesomeness, I’m hoping to get my hands on some tickets. On the 28 November, I’m heading to the O2 with my friend Amy to swoon over Kelly Jones see Sterephonics, which I cannot wait for! They’ve been on my Gig Bucket-list for the last few years so I’m excited to be able to finally tick them off, unlike the sold-out Arctic Monkeys tour *sob*.

And then of course, there’s the actual Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, where I’ll be donning my new Penguin jumper and no doubt, one of my many tea cosy hats. I’m still looking for that perfect pair of Winter boots (I know, I know- massively unorganised this year!) and the New Look pair that I have my eyes on, are sold-out. Canary Wharf have also just opened up their ice-skating rink (until 16 Feb 2014) but I think I’ll just laugh  spectate with a hot chocolate in hand. The Jubilee Mall is also hosting Canary Rocks this Friday 1 November to celebrate the opening of some brand spanking new stores to the Wharf including Banana Republic, Cos & Cath Kidston…apologies to my bank balance in advance!

Phew! After all that, I’m glad that October has been a quiet one…calm before the storm indeed! Except this morning, when I caused a kerfuffle amongst the cosmetics stands in Boots by knocking over a whole stand of Barry M nail polishes. I blame my Accessorize Tote bag, she’s so clumsy…


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