So I came across this really cute little idea on A Little Dust‘s blog, set up by Ellie from Little Vintage Camera– #BritishBloggerSelection.

There are loads of really cool networking ideas across the blogosphere but this one really appealed to me because it’s an awesome way of making friends with other fellow British bloggers, stumbling across sites that you’ve never visited before aaaaand a little bit more traffic for your own corner of the Internet.  Every little helps of course! Ellie is also going to set up a theme every Saturday for everyone to post about and get involved with using the hashtag BritishBloggerSelection.  Always uber helpful for a case of writer’s block! This week’s theme is Halloween but look out for a new topic idea tomorrow.

Loads of bloggers have already signed up to show their interest and you even get to display this cute little button on your blog to let others know that you’re involved:

If you wish to join in,  please contact Ellie via Little Vintage Camera with your first and last name and your blog name and URL.

Hope you  all had an awesome Halloween, I carved out this little bad boy below for this weekend’s festivities, not bad eh?

My Jack Skellington pumpkin...proud of my artistic efforts!

My Jack Skellington pumpkin

So excited about tonight, I’ll put up an outfit post as soon as I’ve recovered on Sunday. Have a good one!


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