My Next Adventure…

I think it’s pretty obvious that I always seem to have a massive case of wanderlust and once I’ve returned from a travel expedition, I’m already looking for the next one. If I could up-sticks and escape to another continent for three or four months, I totally would but I feel like my career is just getting started and y’know money restraints and what-not. Maybe someday…

City breaks were the theme of this year with Amsterdam and Barcelona ticked off my list, I visited Berlin back in 2010 and as you may know, I’m the Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris in my second year of uni so that’s high at the top of my travel bucket-list. However, I’ve been looking to venture to somewhere a little bit more exotic and long-haul.

Koh Samet via Beth Durkinn on Pinterest

Koh Samet via Beth Durkin on Pinterest

We’re off to Thailand in January!!! I’m soooo excited!!

The 11 hour flight on a cold, winter’s evening will certainly be worth it. I’m going for ten days and we’re planning on spending a few days in Bangkok before catching the bus and a ferry to this gorgeous little island called Koh Samet. It’s registered as a National Park too so it’s relatively unspoilt. Looking forward to relaxing, experiencing a different kind of culture (although spare me fried insects and chicken feet!) and a little bit of winter sun. The temperature in Thailand in January can be anything from 23C to 33C…niiiiice. I’m also turning 24 a couple of days before I go so perhaps becoming another year older, won’t be as bad afterall.

My lovely other half, Adam, has been to Thailand a few times before so I’m relying on his navigation skills (no pressure dude) throughout our trip. If any of you have any other tips to share, please do let me know.

In the madness of preparing for Christmas, I’m also now trying to find some holiday outfits and accessories. I’ve ordered a couple of summer dresses from ASOS already and I’ve got my eye on some bikini’s and sandals. Again, if you know where the winter-sun bargains are at, please feel free to add your comments. As promised, I will be putting up my Winter Warmers post this week and a special little guest feature called Nostalgia.

læ̂w phb kạn rĕw!*


*”See you soon” in Thai 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Next Adventure…

      • Haha yeah would definitely recommend the restaurant! Grand Palace and Wat Po are typical touristy places but definitely worth a visit and for shopping, everyone raves about the MBK mall and Siam Square though I didn’t manage to visit. Oh, and for eating unless you like your food flaming hot order everything “not spicy” – it’ll normally still come pretty spicy anyway! Though if you’re boyfriend has been before I’m sure he’ll know all that 🙂
        One more thing – pick up some Tiger Balm from any chemist in Bangkok when you get there, it’s an absolute lifesaver for itchy mozzie bites!
        Have fun!! xx

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