Beauty post: Travel Essentials

This is one of my scheduled posts for while I’m away so hopefully you’re able to read this. This is a well overdue beauty post but I thought it would give me an excuse to create another little collage and be useful at the same time.

We all know that travelling can be a right drag, especially on a long-haul flight so its important to have some little pick-me-ups in your hand luggage so that you can step off the plane the other end fresh as a daisy, concealing your jet lag.

Travel Beauty Essentials

The savage air-conditioning on air planes can really dry out your skin so to keep it nourished during the flight, Simple’s Light Moisturiser is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and the formula isn’t too oily. The grease-monkey look isn’t good either! And if you nod off during the flight, its always handy to keep a pack of cleansing wipes in your bag, not only to avoid Panda eyes but again, plane journeys can make you feel a bit scuzzy. Top up your make-up before you land with a slick of Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara (perfect size for your hand luggage) and keep your lips hydrated with Clinique’s Superbalm Moisturising Lipgloss in Apricot.

It may be a while before you get to jump in a shower so its always handy to pack a small deodorant and Batiste’s dry shampoo (the tropical scent is gorgeous) for between-washes. I always keep a tube of hand cream in my bag anyways and again, this will stop the ol’ AC from drying out your hands, Body Shop’s Almond scented one smells good enough to eat!

Finally, its always nice to treat yourself at Duty Free and if you opt for a travel sized bottle of perfume, you can pop it in your bag and spritz yourself before you land. Adam revived my love for this Carolina Herrera scent by buying it for me for Christmas so that’s definitely on my list of essentials. It features top notes of rum and passion fruit, middle notes of mask and gardenia heart and base notes of vanilla and tonka bean. Perfect for an exotic destination!


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