25 Things To Do Before 25

I’ve said before that I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, they’re just set up to make you fail but I do love a to-do list and I’ve been wanting to compile a 25 Things To Do list before I become a Quarter of a Century Year Old. I started making this before Thailand so I could have technically cheated and added “Go somewhere exotic,” to it but here’s my 25 to tick off for the next 337 days…no pressure then!

1. Visit Paris

2. Take on another sporting challenge

3. Camp at a music festival

4. Get more work published

5. Visit somewhere in the UK I’ve never been

6. Try different foods (Big step for a fussy-eater!)

7. Cook dinner for my family (apologies in advance)

8. Finish a TV boxset

9. Start saving for the future (ooomph)

10. Have two mad nights out in a row or go out on a school-night (Deal with the aftermath without complaint)

11. Experiment more with my personal style (Note to self: You can’t live in floral dresses forever)

12. Host a charity event

13. Create a collage/photo album of “My Life 18-25” (My mush 19- 23 above)

14. Move forward in my career

15. Learn a new skill or take up a short course

16. Stop worrying incessantly about EVERYTHING! Just STOP.

17. Develop and be consistent with my blog

18. Face my fear of public speaking

19. Buy a newer car

20. Visit more of London’s landmarks

21. Learn when to say “NO.” You can’t always be Super Girl

22. Be a bit more impulsive (last minute break, an expensive purchase and don’t feel guilty about it!)

23. Start writing short stories again (Childhood/Adolescent hobby that left me when I had to start writing 3,000 word essays)

24. Tick more bands off my Live Gig list

25. Be happy with where I am in life and enjoy living in the moment

I know a lot of you are at the same sort of stage in life right now, so what do you want to accomplish before you turn 25?

Wonder what I’ll be doing this time next year…


2 thoughts on “25 Things To Do Before 25

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