I’ve got the Month of May

May already?! Whaaaaaat?! The year is flying by and its just the beginning of my favourite time of the year…summer, summer, summer time! Hopefully the weather will sort itself out in the meantime but I’m sooo excited about this month!

The Cat Cafe

An absolute must for any crazy cat lady. I caught wind of this about a year ago and signed up to the newsletter  (très sad, I know) so I could receive updates about the opening day. My friend and fellow CCL Amy are going on the 3 May (we actually had to pre-book!) and will be nursing our post-house party hangovers with some afternoon tea, in the company of our feline friends.

Visit Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium 

The Great Escape Festival

I mentioned this a little while ago and not only am I excited about our little mini-break but I’m also really buzzing about seeing some new bands as well as some firmly established favourite, all beside the seasiiiiiide.

I’ll be tweeting and posting pics live across the three day event; if you’re going, who are your recommendations and who are you looking forward to the most?

Brighton Beach 2009

Brighton Beach 2009

The Canary Wharf Jog

Am I mad? Probably.  As part of my 25 Before 25 list, I wanted to take on another challenge and will be running 5-10k to raise money for the British Heart Foundation at the Canary Wharf Jog event on the 21 May. Heart disease is one of the UK’s biggest killers, accounting for more than 161,000 deaths every year. Donations will be spent on vital research, prevention and care, which will help save lives.

My Grandad had a triple bypass when I was just a toddler and he’s since had a pacemaker fitted. I’m just glad that there are treatments out there and I hope that as time goes by, more advances will be found with research.

If you wish to sponsor me, please visit my Just Giving page. Any donation big or small, would be amazing or even get involved yourself. Thank you! Wish me luck!

Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park

Feels like I’ve been waiting foreveeeeeer for this gig, having bought the tickets in November for Adam as a Christmas present. How I kept that one quiet, I don’t know?! They’ve been on my gig list since I bought their first album, just hoping they live up to the hype.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing a few more reviews (below) for The Sunday Mirror, including a cracking set from Tom Williams and The Boat, who I saw a couple of weeks ago at Soho House.


It’s simple: I. Love. My. Job.

Hope you have a magical month! x


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