Fashion: Festival Style

Festival Style

Festival season is upon us and the British High Street is well and truly embracing the laid-back hippie style once again, with a bit of 90s revival thrown in for good measure.

So since I’ve been doing a bit of shopping myself in the lead-up to the Great Escape, here are my festival staples:

Slogan Tees

Who doesn’t love a slogan tee? While I’m not so keen on those with ‘Selfie’ or ‘Sick’ emblazoned across them, I do love a good ol’ band T-shirt. It’s cool if you can get your hands on a vintage hand-me-down but everyone from Primark to House of Holland feature slogan clothing in their summer collections. I picked this Topshop tee because Nirvana are one of my favourite grunge bands.

Crop Tops

If you’re daring to bare your midriff this summer, crop tops are a must-have. Pair with high-wasted shorts for that Coachella look or with a maxi skirt for a Boho feel. They say that less is more but that seems to go out of the window when you’re jumping around in a sweaty crowd. Add a fringed kimona jacket for some layering and you’ve got the Sixties vibe down to a tee.


It’s that perfect moment when the whole crowd is singing along to their favourite song. You’re hoisted up in the air on to your boyfriend/friend’s shoulders but wait, you’re wearing the shortest dress/skirt in the world. Unless you’re the exhibitionist type or you want to be included in Glasto’s late-night highlights, avoid flashing by including a couple of playsuits into your festival wardrobe. They’re extremely versatile and they’re fine to wear with or without tights. Aztec patterns are perfect for pulling off the hippie vibe but just make sure you have a toilet buddy with you at all times…

Short Shorts

We love short shorts, true but last year at Hard Rock Calling, I saw far too many arse cheeks for my liking ha! Denim cut-offs are an absolute must for the festival season but when purchasing them, treat them as if you were buying a pair of jeans. Look at the fit, the cut, the style and the colour. Remember that although the distressed look is very much in, too many rips can look like a DIY job.

Cut-Out Boots

Hunter wellies and Converse are always a festival go-to and while I’ll be packing my trusty, battered pair of Converse for the weekend, I’m also loving the cut-out boots trend. Weather permitting, wear them on their own or with a cute pair of ankle socks. If you’re opting for heeled, choose a pair that are going to be able to withstand being on your feet all day.

Junk Jewellery

My jewellery box is filled with junk and costume jewellery. I love bangles, beads and long necklaces with cute little charms. Accessorize is always my go-to store but over the years I’ve managed to collect a number of beaded bracelets and wristbands from gigs/friends etc. Don’t hesitate to pile them high!

Flowers In Your Hair

From beaded bandos to floral garlands, you’ll find hair accessories in most high street stores. Ditch the straighteners for the weekend and let your locks go wild for the hippie-chick look. Pack some sea-salt spray to achieve tousled beach waves and the dry shampoo…obvs.

The Straw Hat

If you’re not feeling the floral garlands, disguise your festival hair with a trusty straw hat. Not only that but it’ll also protect you from the sun or the rain.

The Back-pack

They’re back! Literally. Even designers like Chanel are at it with 90s revival and again its a practical staple for your festival wardrobe. I love this little Aztec printed one from Accessorize but if you don’t fancy reliving your childhood, try a bright satchel or a fringed cross-body bag instead. Where else would you put your essentials?

The Sunnies

Finally, sunglasses are the ultimate festival accessory. Disguise your lack of sleep with designer favourite Raybans or find high-street lookalikes from as little as a pound.

I’m going to be sharing my outfits from the festival in a post but I’d love to see what you guys are going to be wearing this season?

Have a great one! x


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