Should you put photos of children on social networks?

Okay so before I begin, no I don’t have any children so I may be slightly one-sided in what I have to say. But hear me out; I understand both sides of the debate.


We share pretty much anything on social media, which is a little frightening to be honest, if you ask me. While it’s a great way to communicate with each other and be nosey of course, there are some things which you should be careful about posting online.

People love to share pictures of their children on Facebook and not only does it give you a great momento for the future, it also allows you to keep friends and family updated about your little ones progress. It’s basically replaced the “Baby’s Firsts” scrapbook.

However, make sure your privacy settings are set to the strongest that they can be and never set your profile picture as a snap of one of your children. For a start, it’s your ‘social page,’ not theirs and do you know how easily it is to obtain images if you have a moderately open profile? There’s all kinds of strange people on the internet, fishing around for things and you wouldn’t want anyone downloading pictures of your kids (however innocent) without you realising, especially if you overshare with everything else. Think carefully about which images you share, for example, first day at school pictures. It’s horrifying but if your settings are not private, you could be providing all sorts of people with information, you wouldn’t want a stranger to know.

Secondly, does every single picture or video need to go on Facebook? Again it’s lovely for family members who live far away but a lot of people could make more use of private platforms such as google docs or drop-box where you can share files with selected people. Like everyone doesn’t want to see countless YouTube videos on their newsfeed, some of us don’t want to be bombarded with pictures of snotty toddlers. Pretty selfish maybe but should people just upload pictures from special occasions instead?

I do understand why people do get snap-happy, you want to capture every moment and show off your offspring to the world. Facebook is of course an online community and it’s always nice to see mothers calling out for advice of other mothers etc, especially in the first few months where everything’s daunting. Plus I can imagine that maternity leave can be quite lonely at times and Facebook gives you a platform to let off some steam.

We also take the instant sharing for granted. When my two youngest cousins were, we never saw them literally hours old. We went to the hospital a day or so after they were born to visit. Social networks ruin the element of surprise; no one is patient anymore, everything is accessible instantly.

From a memory point of view, it is sad that hardly anyone takes disposable pictures anymore and it makes me wonder how long Facebook will be around for? If it ever disappears, what happens to the millions of photos we share on a daily basis? That’s why it’s always important to keep physical memories for your kids as they get older. You can’t beat the nostalgia of looking through a box of old photographs.

So that’s my little two pence worth in on the debate, what do you all think?


One thought on “Should you put photos of children on social networks?

  1. I think this very much depends on the point of your life that you are in. If you are at an age where everyone has kids and is settled down etc then you probably aren’t as bothered by it. In the same way, if you are the one with kids and all your mates are posting pictures of their bottles of cider and being out drinking, you probably get fed up of seeing that.

    As the first of most of my friends to have children and get married, most of my feed is about the rfee living, social side of life. I just have to skim over what I’m fed up seeing.

    However, the security thing is a fair point.

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