Are your mid-twenties your make or break point?

It’s the time for finding yourself while trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

It’s the time for making mistakes but making sure they never happen again.

It’s the time when you essentially have ‘no responsibilities’ but feel like you have the weight of your decisions on your shoulders.

It’s the time for having fun but at the same time, to stop playing games.

No wonder, we’re all friggin’ confused!

Santa Monica beach

Living life carefree in LA on our trip

Your mid-twenties is a bit of quarter-life crisis for most people, I think. Most people are in their first/second job since uni but are still trying to figure out whether it’s the right thing for them while trying to scrabble up the career ladder that is missing a few rungs.

Most people are renting somewhere or living at home still, trying to decide whether renting is throwing money away for the sake of independence or whether to stick it out at the family nest to save up for a never-ending deposit while house prices are still rising.

Most people are in a relationship or heart-broken from a long-term one, where one person (in the middle of their own quarter-life crisis) has decided to call it quits because they don’t know what they want. Meanwhile, there’s always one half in a good relationship that’s trying not to fret over the future while still enjoying the freedom of how things are now, without a mortgage, wedding plans or babies.

Before anyone tells me how doom and gloom I’m being, I’m saying how it is. I love everything about my life as it is now, I feel like it’s an extension of my uni days, with a decent wage and more expensive taste in wine but with the same sense of ‘WHAT NEXT?’

There’s nothing wrong to looking to the future, there’s nothing wrong with having those days where you’re just like ‘Please can I just doze in my hoodie all day and watch my Big Bang Theory boxset’ because urghhhhh, too many thoughts and responsibilities. I guess it’s trying to figure out that life balance of having ‘THE PLAN’ and enjoying every moment of how things are now.

So, if anybody knows how to do that, leave your nuggets of wisdom in the comments…


5 thoughts on “Are your mid-twenties your make or break point?

  1. This post is so refreshing, I turned 28 this year and had a couple of months that I felt like OMG… I’ll be 30 before I know it… my “I’m going to Marry this man” relationship ended instead of pushing to the next level and I just know know where my life is going. So… instead, I started focusing on my career, my amazing family, my friends, the things I loved (make up, decorating my home how I wanted to…) and just focusing on pushing forward in live with out thinking that I needed to wait for a relationship or a specific milestone… YOU just do whatever the heck YOU want to do and don’t let anyone or anything tell you that you can’t! This isn’t the 1950’s… 🙂 Plus… there is nothing wrong with having a blah day and staying in your sweats and binge watching netflix! -H

    • So true Hillary! I think social media doesn’t help sometimes because you look at people getting engaged, having kids and you don’t think about the stuff in your life that’s awesome to you at that particular moment, when you should! Well said! 🙂

      • Well when I was younger thought I couldn’t buy a house until I got married, or I didn’t want to be “too career driven” because that wasn’t feminine… then I said… screw all of that! So, I bought a house and I’ve made it my own… and I focused on my career and I love it and any man that finds either of those things unattractive is not a person I want to be with! 🙂 -H

  2. I think the whole problem with twenty something culture is that you have to plan for the future. Why not just make he most of the opportunities you get when you get them and hope that you generally move forward.

    I committed to someone early (when everyone said o was too young to get married at 22) have 2 kids at the age of 28 and enjoy a relatively successful career trajectory. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life but I think I have decided that I’m fine with that- life seems to know what it want to do with me.

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