Should you put photos of children on social networks?

Okay so before I begin, no I don’t have any children so I may be slightly one-sided in what I have to say. But hear me out; I understand both sides of the debate.


We share pretty much anything on social media, which is a little frightening to be honest, if you ask me. While it’s a great way to communicate with each other and be nosey of course, there are some things which you should be careful about posting online.

People love to share pictures of their children on Facebook and not only does it give you a great momento for the future, it also allows you to keep friends and family updated about your little ones progress. It’s basically replaced the “Baby’s Firsts” scrapbook.

However, make sure your privacy settings are set to the strongest that they can be and never set your profile picture as a snap of one of your children. For a start, it’s your ‘social page,’ not theirs and do you know how easily it is to obtain images if you have a moderately open profile? There’s all kinds of strange people on the internet, fishing around for things and you wouldn’t want anyone downloading pictures of your kids (however innocent) without you realising, especially if you overshare with everything else. Think carefully about which images you share, for example, first day at school pictures. It’s horrifying but if your settings are not private, you could be providing all sorts of people with information, you wouldn’t want a stranger to know.

Secondly, does every single picture or video need to go on Facebook? Again it’s lovely for family members who live far away but a lot of people could make more use of private platforms such as google docs or drop-box where you can share files with selected people. Like everyone doesn’t want to see countless YouTube videos on their newsfeed, some of us don’t want to be bombarded with pictures of snotty toddlers. Pretty selfish maybe but should people just upload pictures from special occasions instead?

I do understand why people do get snap-happy, you want to capture every moment and show off your offspring to the world. Facebook is of course an online community and it’s always nice to see mothers calling out for advice of other mothers etc, especially in the first few months where everything’s daunting. Plus I can imagine that maternity leave can be quite lonely at times and Facebook gives you a platform to let off some steam.

We also take the instant sharing for granted. When my two youngest cousins were, we never saw them literally hours old. We went to the hospital a day or so after they were born to visit. Social networks ruin the element of surprise; no one is patient anymore, everything is accessible instantly.

From a memory point of view, it is sad that hardly anyone takes disposable pictures anymore and it makes me wonder how long Facebook will be around for? If it ever disappears, what happens to the millions of photos we share on a daily basis? That’s why it’s always important to keep physical memories for your kids as they get older. You can’t beat the nostalgia of looking through a box of old photographs.

So that’s my little two pence worth in on the debate, what do you all think?


You know you were a Tom-boy when…

I love doing these posts so much that I’ve decided I’m going to do them on a monthly basis…lucky you! Anyways in light of childhood memories and nostalgia, this one is for all girly girls with a scruffy tom-boy post that we like to forget…

1. Your mother couldn’t get you out of tracksuit bottoms, even on special occasions, there’s even photos of you looking like Mel C at a wedding reception. Oh dear.

2. You thought dance classes, gymnastics and netball were “girls sports,” and you still bear the scars of running around a football pitch getting booted by 10 year old boys. Ouch.

3. You thought boys were disgusting human beings and if you were accused of having a crush on one of your boy mates, you’d then make it your mission to be as horrible as possible to them.

4. As a result of the above, girly girls thought you were a ‘les’ and even certain family members questioned you…it was all an act guys gheez!

5. You still have no idea how to do a french plait or cart-wheel or one of those complicated ‘clap-your-hands-and-sing’ routines. Your future daughters are screwed.

Image courtesy of whiteturquoisechocolate via Pinterest

Image courtesy of whiteturquoisechocolate via Pinterest

6. You vowed that you would wear Converse with your prom dress but thankfully to your mother’s delight, by the time you were 16, you found your inner girliness.

7. You hate every single photo of yourself pre-girliness and pray that no one will upload a pic of your 14 year-old self in your Real Madrid football shirt with no make-up and braces to Facebook. Fit.

8. You didn’t wear make-up until you were 15 and your hair was constantly in a pony-tail- getting ready in the mornings was effortless…

9. If you made an attempt at being girly and your family noticed = life over. You needed to get your dress dirty and go beat up a boy to reinstate things.

10. From time to time your tom-boy past comes into its use, y’know with things like football but you pretend you’re far too engrossed in Elle magazine to care these days…

25 Before 25- The Halfway Point!

Hello! Right, as I tweeted earlier this week (@daniellestacey1- follow me!) I haven’t abandoned my little blog, I feel that we’d just started to get into routine and then I’ve gone a bit off the radar. Meh. It’s all because of a good reason though because I’ve just started a new role at The Mirror as a Social Media Assistant, yes I’ve gone to the ‘dark side’ with digital but I’m loving being able to learn more about something that I’m passionate about!

Anyways, before I go off again into my happy bubble, it’s time to recap on my 25 Things to do Before I’m 25 post that I put up in January. It’s a little over the halfway point but a girl’s gotta sleep! I haven’t looked at how many of these I’ve actually done before writing this post so by the end I’ll either pat myself on the back or tell myself to up my game.

Image courtesy of lifesatravel via Pinterest

Image courtesy of lifesatravel via Pinterest

  1. Visit Paris – its on the cards for October hooray!
  2. Take on another sporting challenge-  I raised £260 for my Canary Wharf run back in May hooray!BHF
  3. Camp at a music festival- In my defence, you couldn’t camp at the Great Escape festival. So there.
  4. Get more work published  Reviews in the Sunday Mirror and an exclusive. Boom. Tom_Williams_Review
  5. Visit somewhere in the UK I’ve never been- Hmm…I haven’t ventured far from Essex and the City sadly.
  6. Try different foods (Big step for a fussy-eater!) This one’s a work-in-progress but I’m getting there!
  7. Cook dinner for my family- Does scrambled egg on toast count?! 
  8. Finish a TV boxset- Halfway through Breaking Bad, no spoilers please!
  9. Start saving for the future  Getting there but not enough for a riverside apartment sadly!
  10. Have two mad nights out in a row or go out on a school-night (Deal with the aftermath without complaint) Done! But I did complain a little! 
  11. Experiment more with my personal style (Note to self: You can’t live in floral dresses forever)  Crop-tops aren’t just for size 8s and midi-skirts aren’t just for Grannies. Huzzah.
  12. Host a charity event- Hoping to do Macmillan Coffee morning in September 
  13. Create a collage/photo album of “My Life 18-25″-  Have started this and need to update it so I can use it for comedic reasons later in life.
  14. Move forward in my career
  15. Learn a new skill or take up a short course- Yeaaaaah, I really should learn to cook! 
  16. Stop worrying incessantly about EVERYTHING! Just STOP.- Ha! As if that was ever gonna happen! 
  17. Develop and be consistent with my blog  Ha! Up until this point. 
  18. Face my fear of public speaking- I did get out of doing a presentation at a conference. Oops.
  19. Buy a newer car- I can’t face getting rid of Bella Fiesta
  20. Visit more of London’s landmarks   I’ve had a fair few jaunts around the capital this year.St Pauls
  21. Learn when to say “NO.” You can’t always be Super Girl I haven’t beat myself up as much when I can’t do something, probably because I’m too tired to! 
  22. Be a bit more impulsive  I jumped on a Boris bike and drove through Brick Lane? How impulsive do I have to be?! I’m an OCD organised kind of gal Boris Bike
  23. Start writing short stories again – Find me the 25th hour in the day and I might consider this…
  24. Tick more bands off my Live Gig list Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Wild Beasts to name but a fair blimmin’ few! TGE_TheSubways
  25. Be happy with where I am in life and enjoy living in the moment- I’m not going to cross this one off because its important to always do this! 

So there you have, I’m probably halfway through my list, so hopefully I’ll be a well-accomplished 25 year-old although you never stop learning of course!

Volvic Comedy Fest

Think of your ideal summer evening in the capital? Would it be cocktails on a rooftop bar or dinner overlooking the Thames? Or how about something completely different?

I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely peeps at Frank PR to the Volvic Juiced Comedy Fest event in Regent’s Park on Tuesday and what a beautiful evening it was!

The mini-festival was free for those with nimble-fingers on Twitter and so in the intimate setting of the UCL grounds, picnic blankets with polka dot scatter cushions welcomed us to chill out and listen to two of the biggest comedians in the UK right now. The very cute and knicker-wettingly funny Katherine Ryan and Mock The Week’s Josh Widdecombe, with his sarcastic quips about home-made jam for Christmas. If you haven’t checked out Ryan’s impression of Beyonce on YouTube, do it now!

Seeing as this was a Volvic event, we were of course treated to bottles of their new refreshing flavours; my friend Lizzie and I couldn’t decide which was the yummiest out of Orchard Apple & Cloudy Lemonade. There was also bags of pic n mix and pop-corn on offer too so we filled our boots with sweet treats and chilled out on our picnic blanket. Thank the lord that the skies were a beautiful blue, without a cloud in the sky. I wish London was like this all year round!


It was so lovely to do something different; trying to fight your way through a pub to get a pint and wrestle for a space in the beer garden can be a bit tiresome sometimes, especially after a long day at work.

Volvic UK are hopefully going to be putting some events soon so make sure you follow them on Twitter at @Volvic_UK for more info.

While I’m here, I must also tell you about another little quirky event my friend Joanna and I stumbled across in Old Street one evening. The Urban Oasis is located in the Red Gallery, its in the corner of the road where the road forks off to Great Eastern Street. It’s a really cute little pop-up street market with loads of food stalls, real ales and ciders and even a man-made beach. You can chill out on one of the benches or one of the uber comfy giant deck-chairs which we parked ourselves on for a couple of hours, drinking our Chambord cocktails and people-watching. They’ve also got a different DJ on every night until the end of August, it’s an awesome little find if you’re just wandering around and you’re looking for a drink in the sun.

The pop-up market runs from Weds-Saturday every week until the end of August so if you’re at a loose end one evening, swing by.


Life’s a beach sometimes.

Fashion: SS14 Trends

SS14 Trends
Before the shops get filled with AW14 stock, I thought I’d do a little post on some of the biggest trends of this SS14. Probably one of my favourite seasons trend-wise as I’ve wanted to buy pretty much everything! I also thought it’d be good to focus on how you can wear most of these items for work and play!
Lace & Croptops
The croptop trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and I have this cute little lace one from H&M as it can be dressed up for an evening abroad or down for a festival. I’m not the biggest fan of having lots of skin on show but when you pair one with a high-waisted skirt/shorts, you’re pulling off the right boho vibes. The cotton material will also keep you cool on those humid summer days.
Pastels & Block Heels
Sorbet and candy colours are one of my favourite things about summer because they’re a trend that just keep coming back every year. From two-piece suits to shoes, bags and jewellery, you can kit yourself out for the season if you’re  a real girly gal. Of course, your summer capsule wardrobe wouldn’t be complete this year without a pair of block heels, particularly pastel ones. I treated myself to these little beauts from Dorothy Perkins this weekend and I know that they’re going to see me through an indian summer (here’s hoping) and  they’re so versatile that I can wear them to the office and on an evening out. If you want to avoid looking like a munchkin though, use a pastel accessory for a bit of a subtle colour pop.
Mini Bags
They’re so cute that I want one in every colour! If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to spend a small fortune on something that you can’t fit your whole life in to on a day-to-day basis, Primark have a really good range of pastel coloured mini box bags. I love this dusky blue/almost grey mini satchel from Accessorize and if you’re on holiday this summer, the sizing is perfect as an airport bag. Don’t let Ryanair stand in the way of your fashion stakes.
Sliders & Flats
Forget annoying ‘thong’ sandals, pool sliders are back! Update your humble Birkenstocks with a pastel pair of flats and revel in the comfort that you can ditch your heels for a little while. If you’re away this summer, make these an essential in your suitcase.
Metallics & Midi’s
SS14 has been perfect for those of you who want desk-to-dinner style outfits, without compensating on style. Metallics can be striking against a neutral outfit while the popular midi-length (a style that isn’t going anywhere) is suitable for both the office and after-work drinks. Dorothy Perkins have had some gorgeous midi skirts in their collection this summer, including lace panelled pieces to add a bit of flirtation to the  conservative style.
Another huge high-summer trend. Prints like this (cami- Dorothy Perkins) look amazing on tanned skin and if you’re feeling particular brave, invest in an all-in-one jumpsuit. Again I love the fact that you can wear a top like this with some tailored capri pants to the office and still look chic for drinks in the pub afterwards. Are you noticing a theme here guys?
From pineapple printed dresses to eye-catching clutches like this sold-out New Look one (meh) they’re a brilliant accessory if you need to add a pop of colour to an outfit. Have you noticed how homeware retailers are getting in on the act too?
Statement Floral Necklaces
As you all know, I’m an Accessorize fiend and so I thought it’d be rude not to mention them in this category. I have to stop myself from buying all the pretties in that store but I think I’ll eventually cave in for this little gem. Florals are always all over SS14 collections and I’m loving all of the eye-catching pieces that everyone from Primark to Topshop are doing at the moment. I tend to just wear some bangles on my wrist and then add a statement necklace to finish off my outfit. As much as I love dainty pieces,  you can’t beat having a jewellery stand that looks like you’ve raided the crown jewels.
Which SS14 trends are you coveting this summer? And what are you most looking foward to about AW14? Post coming soon!

You know you’re a Brit abroad when…

Sorry it’s been a while but as you may or may not know, I had a week off in beautiful Spain but I thought that it’s time for another “You know you’re a…” blog post! Hooray! Thought I’d make this one a holiday themed one after my little break in the sun, so without further ado, you know you’re a Brit abroad when…

1) You complain that nobody else in the world knows how to queue. Us Brits are champions at it; lining up politely and waiting for your turn. You tut at anyone who even dares to cut in but lo and behold, everywhere else in the world is a free-for-all with every man for himself.

2) The paleness of your skin blinds everyone on the beach (except y’know if you’re from Essex) and then there are the slightly pinker Brits around you, who feel smug because they’re three days ahead of you.

3) Post-day one in the sun, you are a shining beacon of sunburn, sunstroke, dodgy tan lines and/or freckles but you’ll be damned if you’re gonna sit in the shade for the rest of the week.

4) That quaint little hotel you booked for a bargain online turns out to be a contender for ‘Holidays from Hell,’ you wish you’d looked it up on TripAdvisor before you went.

5) Similarly the phrase ‘Good distance from local amenities,’ turns out to be a 15 minute up-hill struggle everyday and 30 minutes after a few Sangrias.

6) Speaking of sangria, you discover that your ’10 pints record’ at home is halved because of European measures…chundering’ell.

7) The irony of coming down with a case of ‘Turkey-belly,’ after avoiding street market food and drinking bottled water, you forgot about the ice in your Mojito…oops.

8) Realising that ‘all inclusive’ means you have to compensate on the lack of a decent meal, palma violet flavoured ice-cream anyone?

9) By the end of the week, you’re ‘dying’ for a propa-British-cuppa!

Image courtesy of Spain Buddy

Image courtesy of Spain Buddy

10) Going topless on the beach is a no-go unless you’re French or German

11) Talking to waiters in LOUD pigeon-GCSE-French, only for them to answer you in English. Merde.

12) Packing your whole life in your suitcase and having to rearrange it at the airport because you’re over the luggage weight limit.

13) Despite rearranging said suitcase, dividing it between friends and ending up with half your shoes in your hand luggage, you’re still slapped with a luggage fine

14) Actually only wearing half of the stuff that you’ve packed, making the luggage fine sting even more so!

15) Stealing the miniature toiletries from your hotel room…EVERY TIME. They’re too cute but will result in an attractive leg rash later on. Ick.

16) When being searched at the airport, assuming that you’re going to end up in a Thai jail à la Bridget Jones

17) There’s always that ONE friend that says something inappropriate going through airport security/on the plane. You know what I mean…

18) Hiring a rental car and immediately regretting it when you realise that a) no one else abroad can drive and b) everyone’s driving at 90mph

19) You’re lost for the fifteen-thousandth time

20) When returning to the office, being asked “Have you actually been abroad?” a gazillion times. Le sigh.

Balance is the Key to Life

I’ll confess that I had a bit of a mini break-down last weekend, which sounds sooooo dramatic, I know but as most girls will know, every now and again, you end up crying buckets for absolutely no reason. Damn hormones. Well…not for no reason, I guess I started feeling overwhelmed again and gallivanting around everywhere all the time, didn’t really help. There are a few things at the moment that are stressing me out and I’ll be glad once I know the outcome of them (sorry to be cryptic) but in the meantime, I think I’ve been distracting myself by doing loads of things and trying to be Super Girl ha. As usual, I end up feeling ‘burnt-out,’ so this week I’ve decided to chill out more, spend some time with my family and get a few bits and pieces done that I’ve been putting off doing. My little sunshine get-away to Spain on Saturday has come at the right time too!

I find it hard to get the right balance in my life sometimes and I feel at times I’m neglecting some things more than others and to be honest, I’m so busy worrying about those things when I’m concentrating on what’s in front of me, that I turn into a complete and utter grouch. Like I said in my previous post about the art of saying no, I’m trying to get into my mindset that its okay to miss out on things or turn things down because I need an evening monging out in my pjs, watching one of my guilty pleasures (usually a crap chick-flick or Geordie Shore).

So in spirit of my couple of weeks of ‘Me-time,’ although I don’t like calling it that because it sounds selfish but anyhow, here are a few of my creature comforts that I do to relax and unwind. Ah…bistoooooo… Creature_Comforts A nice bubbly bath- You can’t beat a laaaavly scalding hot bath filled with a beautifully-scented bubble-bath, I love Palmolive’s Naturals range (Milk & Honey- yum!) and BodyShop’s Passion Fruit Shower Gel because you can still smell them hours after a scrub in the tub and they’re kind to your skin. I know most bloggers are Lush fans but I don’t dig being covered in glitter.

Pamper sesh- I’m not patient enough to sit there with a facial mask on but I do love a cleanse/tone/moisturise regime. I treat myself to Clarins products every now and again and their everyday exfoliater and cleansing milk is gorgeous. My skin is mostly combination but it can be quite sensitive too and I find that Clarins is not too heavily perfumed to cause irritation. Admittedly my skin is driving me nuts at the moment because I keep getting a few break-outs (I had none when I was a teenager!) so I’ve been using some blemish treatments (Bodyshop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion and Witch Blemish Gel) to keep them at bay.

Snuggly PJs- I’m a sucker for a cute PJ set (not very sexy I know) but sometimes you just need a bit of comfort when you’re slobbing out. Tesco and George at Asda always do really reasonably priced sets and the quality is good. I usually then like to snuggle up in my dressing gown or a blanket with a pillow. I’ve been looking for a couple of quirky scatter cushions for my bedroom for a while now but haven’t really found any that fit my duck-egg/cream theme. Think I may have found a winner with this Layla Grayce one…

Tea & Cookies- Nothing beats a good British cuppa and of course, what goes best with a brew? Cookies! Yeah I know you’re supposed to lay off the refined stuff when you’re feeling a bit under the weather but that’s 70 calories of happiness, right there.

Girly Reads/DVDs- I love buying three or four magazines to read over a weekend so that I can flick through them at my leisure. My fave glossies are Elle, Company magazine, Look and InStyle but I’m gonna wait this week to stock up at the airport for the plane journey. Most of the mags are giving away some awesome beauty mini’s this month. My TV at the moment is being dominated by Sport (good job I’m a fan!) so yeah I’ve watched about 90% of the World Cup and most of the Grand Prix, Tour de France and Wimbledon…I think I’m entitled to a month of trashy chick-flicks! Katherine Heigl is one of my favourite rom-com actresses so I guess it’s no surprise that 27 Dresses is one of my guilty-pleasures, probably because I can relate to the main protagonist Jane’s Type A personality and I’ve been a bridesmaid like 7 times! Don’t get me wrong, I do prefer a comedy/thriller most of the time (currently on Season 3 of Breaking Bad) but sometimes you just need to watch something that doesn’t require too much concentration.

What are your creature comforts for maximum relaxation?

Kopparberg Urban Forest

I got invited to the Kopparberg Urban Forest launch night last night and being a bit of a cider fiend, I couldn’t say no! And good news for all of you fellow cider-lovers, the month-long event is FREE!!!

Until the 3rd August, visitors can experience the awesome Scandi-style forest set-up at Dalston’s Bootstraps Company while supping on a ice-cool beverage (the Cloudberry flavour is yum!) trying out some authentic Swedish grub and listening to some up-and-coming band/DJ.

I’d advise anyone looking to check it out to turn up early doors as there was still quite a lot of people queuing halfway through the evening. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere though and we parked ourselves on a bench for a bit so that we could chill with our drinks and do a bit of people-watching. Sophie Ellis-Bextor and her husband Richard Jones and Foxes were the celebrity guests last night so keep your eyes peeled while you’re there!

The music line-up last night consisted of Scandi-pop singer Frida Sundemo (her ethereal vocals sound a lot like Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches) Nabiha (‘Never Played the Bass’) a DJ set from Stockholm’s 1987 and wait for it…Kelis! We didn’t manage to catch her headlining at the Great Escape earlier this year so it was pretty cool to see her in such an intimate setting. She did a medley of all of her hits, including a brilliant Milkshake/Madonna mash-up!

There’s a different line-up for each night including Lucy Rose, a DJ set from Little Dragon, The Subways’ Billy Lunn and the LoveBox after-party so if there’s anyone that you’ve been dying to see, get down there sharpish! It’s a cool idea, especially for people who aren’t going to a music festival this year and just want a chilled night out with some good music. It’s also conveniently close to Shoreditch and Hoxton if you’re looking to carry on the evening.

Hang in there guys, its nearly Friday! I’m off out around my old stomping ground in Angel and then birthday celebrations for my brother in the homeland. A well-rounded Essex & The City weekend, I’d say!

The Girl who didn’t go to Paris

I’m a firm believer in not having regrets in life because I think that sometimes that’s just the way things are meant to go sometimes, c’est la vie etc. However, is there one that you’ve spent the last couple of years or so kicking yourself over? I kind of feel that way with Paris…

Basically, between my second and final year at uni, we had the option to do an exchange year abroad and one of the choices was Paris. I put myself forward, went to all the meetings, pretty much had my place at Sciences-Po and was in the middle of a complicated process to find somewhere to live for 8 months but then…I bottled it.

Image courtesy of Anirudh Koul via Flickr

Image courtesy of Anirudh Koul via Flickr

The U-turn came about when I was ‘stuck’ in Spain for a week longer than I should have been (remember the Icelandic volcano?) and although I was staying with family, I suddenly went into a complete and utter melt-down about how I’d cope being pretty much on my own in a different country, where the first language wasn’t my mother-tongue (even though I’d been learning French since the age of 11) and how terribly home-sick I’d get, despite only being across the channel. I was being sent tenancy contracts that were entirely in French (go figure) but I kind of became overwhelmed by everything and I thought that the change would probably give me a nervous break-down and I’d end up back home within 3 months.

Part of me now is telling my 19 year old self to stop being such a baby because it’s such a good opportunity but there’s no use in beating myself up over it. Some things are meant to be and I know I just wasn’t ready to take the plunge. By that point, it was also too late to change my destination and instead go to Australia with my two awesome girls Kiki and Sally (yeah another kick, right there) but then again, I didn’t have as many hangovers in my last year haha! I’m kidding, I missed them both terribly.

I know people move out at 18 and go away to uni and they deal with it just fine but at the time, it just wasn’t for me. I justified my decision by saying it was okay because within another year I’d be done with uni forever and then I could go to Paris whenever I wanted and enjoy it from a tourist’s point of view, without studying and fending for myself. Would I do it now? Probably not and part of me wouldn’t change anything because I obviously needed another year or so to feel ‘more grown-up.’ I might be the girl who didn’t go to Paris but since graduating, I’ve done some pretty awesome things so far.

Three years on from graduation and I still haven’t been to Paris but hopefully that’s all about to change because we’re looking to take a trip to the city that I’ve put on a pedestal for the last few years, in September.

I’m obsessed with anything Parisian so I’m hoping that it lives up to my expectations (sadly had people tell me otherwise) but if anyone has any tips/advice on where to stay for a couple of nights, which touristy things are worth doing etc, that’d be très super!

Merci beaucoup!

Fashion: Holiday Shop

I decided it was time to do another little fashion post and seeing as I’m off on holiday in a few weeks time, here’s a few things I’ve bought over the last couple of weeks to form part of my summer wardrobe.

River Island Skirt


I’m not really a pink girl and from this photo, this skirt looks ridiculously NEON but I can assure you that it has more of an orange-coral tone. I prefer dresses to skirts but when I found this one for £25 in River Island, I thought it was too cute to resist. I wore it on a night out to Shoreditch with a white Primark cami, my grey Dorothy Perkins blazer and my tan LK Bennett Shilo heels. The floral bubble necklace is probably one of my favourite statement pieces that I own and I got it through the lovely Fashion girls in the office, so unfortunately I’m not sure where it’s from but I found this similar beauty on Etsy.

Primark Elephant Vest & ASOS Scalloped Shorts


I spotted this vest-top (£6) in Primark a few weeks ago when I was looking for some festival-esque items and having fallen in love with Song Kran, the baby elephant I met in Thailand, I had to get it. The scalloped shorts from ASOS were something that I’d had my eye on for ages and I wasn’t too sure about them but I decided that for £20, they’re versatile enough to wear throughout the summer and with tights when the weather gets a bit a cooler. They’ve become a bit of a staple for my gig wardrobe! The denim shirt is an old favourite of mine from River Island and I buy these white pumps every year from Primark for running about in.

H&M Lace Crop- Top & Accessorize Kimono


Apologies for the phone selfie (Blackberry too, I know-urgh) but this is the outfit that I wore for our Guestival party last week. I love the kimono trend that’s everywhere at the moment but I’ve always thought that they weren’t for me. Then I found this little Accessorize gem in the beauty sale at work and loved it! The brilliant thing about kimonos is that you can wear them to the beach or with a neutral outfit for warmer days, they’re perfect if you’re a bit of a boho-chick. The lace crop was £14.99 from H&M and I like the fact that it doesn’t show off too much skin, especially with high-waisted shorts, I’ve had this pair for years! The floral chain is another old gem from Miss Selfridge and I piled on the beaded bracelets to finish off the festival-vibe.

 Topshop Anglaise Dress & New Look Wedges



This little beauty is a recent purchase from the Topshop sale (£20) and I can’t wait to wear it. Hoping that the forecast for the weekend doesn’t come true because I was hoping to wear this out to dinner. The cotton material is ideal for the Med sun and I’m going to pair it with these tan wedges (£29.99) I got from New Look last month. You can never have enough tan accessories but gold sandals would also work. The coral necklace is from Accessorize and I love wearing it with block coloured dresses to make it really stand out.

So that’s my little holiday hoard for now, what have you all been purchasing lately or what are you lusting over?