Turning a Quarter of a Century

I turned the grand ol’ age of 25 at the end of January and previous followers of this blog might remember my little to-do list before I blew the candles out on my cake.

At the halfway point, I’d managed to tick off quite a few of them and I’m glad to say that I’ve done a lot more since, and probably outside of what I set out to do when I first created this list. Yeah I still haven’t been to Paris (wah) but the 365 days leading up to another mile stone birthday were pretty darn good…

  1. Visit Paris – TO DO!!! THIS YEAR!!!
  2. Take on another sporting challenge- Last year’s 5k has now turned into a Half Marathon… eek.
  3. Camp at a music festival- Festival season is long gone.
  4. Get more work published  I’ve been writing my gig panel for a year now, still getting in reviews and writing online. 
  5. Visit somewhere in the UK I’ve never been– Had a nice little jolly around the South-West in October, so much so that it’s my retirement destination.
  6. Try different foods (Big step for a fussy-eater!) Hmm…yeah, sort of. I likes what I like.
  7. Cook dinner for my family- Erm…I’ve bought a 30 Minute Meals cookbook, that’s a start right?
  8. Finish a TV boxset- On the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. I know I suck at life.
  9. Start saving for the future  On my way!
  10. Have two mad nights out in a row or go out on a school-night (Deal with the aftermath without complaint) Done on a couple of occasions (*cough* Christmas *cough*). I’ve only just started to drink white wine again.
  11. Experiment more with my personal style (Note to self: You can’t live in floral dresses forever)  Yup but I can’t pull off culottes.
  12. Host a charity event- We’re a charitable bunch in my office.
  13. Create a collage/photo album of “My Life 18-25″-  Needs an update.
  14. Move forward in my career BIG SMILEY FACE.
  15. Learn a new skill or take up a short course- You never stop learning.
  16. Stop worrying incessantly about EVERYTHING! Just STOP.- Well…I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t.
  17. Develop and be consistent with my blog  I promiiiiiiiiise.
  18. Face my fear of public speaking- I don’t think I ever will, if I can help it.
  19. Buy a newer car- I still have Bella, my precious.
  20. Visit more of London’s landmarks   Of course. 
  21. Learn when to say “NO.” You can’t always be Super Girl Getting better at this.
  22. Be a bit more impulsive  I’ve learned to take a back seat with plans too (go me)
  23. Start writing short stories again – One day…
  24. Tick more bands off my Live Gig list Forever the music lover. 
  25. Be happy with where I am in life and enjoy living in the moment- Overall, yes, I’ve tried to stop getting too far ahead of myself, stop worrying about where other people are in their lives and concentrate on the here and now. Deep.


Y’know what? This list wasn’t ever really in the back of my mind throughout 2014 and I never sat there and thought to myself ‘Quick, I must do this before I’m 25 otherwise I fail at life.’ It was a fun thing to do and to look back on I guess.

Life isn’t a to-do list, it isn’t a series of tick boxes with JOB, HOUSE, MARRIAGE, KIDS on it. It’s about doing what you set out to achieve individually, whether that be working towards a promotion, taking up a post-grad course and even things like having some more ‘me’ time or visiting a place you’ve always wanted to go to.

I think with even more so with social media now, we’re into the concept of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses,’ in the sense we get FOMO and life-envy. For most people, social media is like an Instagram filter of their lives, we’re only seeing what we want everybody else to see. And that’s fine, why wouldn’t you want everyone to think your life is amaaaaazing?

Just take everything with a pinch of salt and think about everything you have that makes YOU happy the next time you see something that makes you go ‘Oh, why can’t that be me?’ Why would you want a regram of somebody else’s life when you have the option of your own, no matter how tough it can be at times.


You know you were a Tom-boy when…

I love doing these posts so much that I’ve decided I’m going to do them on a monthly basis…lucky you! Anyways in light of childhood memories and nostalgia, this one is for all girly girls with a scruffy tom-boy post that we like to forget…

1. Your mother couldn’t get you out of tracksuit bottoms, even on special occasions, there’s even photos of you looking like Mel C at a wedding reception. Oh dear.

2. You thought dance classes, gymnastics and netball were “girls sports,” and you still bear the scars of running around a football pitch getting booted by 10 year old boys. Ouch.

3. You thought boys were disgusting human beings and if you were accused of having a crush on one of your boy mates, you’d then make it your mission to be as horrible as possible to them.

4. As a result of the above, girly girls thought you were a ‘les’ and even certain family members questioned you…it was all an act guys gheez!

5. You still have no idea how to do a french plait or cart-wheel or one of those complicated ‘clap-your-hands-and-sing’ routines. Your future daughters are screwed.

Image courtesy of whiteturquoisechocolate via Pinterest

Image courtesy of whiteturquoisechocolate via Pinterest

6. You vowed that you would wear Converse with your prom dress but thankfully to your mother’s delight, by the time you were 16, you found your inner girliness.

7. You hate every single photo of yourself pre-girliness and pray that no one will upload a pic of your 14 year-old self in your Real Madrid football shirt with no make-up and braces to Facebook. Fit.

8. You didn’t wear make-up until you were 15 and your hair was constantly in a pony-tail- getting ready in the mornings was effortless…

9. If you made an attempt at being girly and your family noticed = life over. You needed to get your dress dirty and go beat up a boy to reinstate things.

10. From time to time your tom-boy past comes into its use, y’know with things like football but you pretend you’re far too engrossed in Elle magazine to care these days…