Why I love running

This time last year I was preparing for my first ‘running event’- the Canary Wharf jog, a 5k route which seems comparatively laughable to me now.

I never set out to go and do a half marathon ever really. I’ve always watched or gone to see the London Marathon and thought “I’d love to do that,” but didn’t think I’d have the time or stamina. I got into it off the back of swimming because I could no longer make the training after work, once I started working in London again.

We’re lucky enough to have free spit ‘n’ sawdust gym in my building and although it’s not the biggest of places, has all the basics. I’m not into weights (yeah I know I should mix it up but #cardioforever) so a treadmill, a bike and a cross-trainer is good enough for me.

I started running outside just over a year ago when I realised that 1) it’s much more simulating than running stationery, in what feels like a green-house at times and 2) my sense of direction isn’t as rubbish as I thought it was- I’ve only had to climb over a fence once when getting lost!

So yeah…however cliche it is, I have caught the running bug.

Nike Downshifters

My faithful Nike Downshifters

Reasons why I love lacing up my trainers to pound the pavement:

  1. Exercise is therapy for your mind and exercising outside is even better for you- waiting on the heatwave so I can get me some tan!
  2. It makes you feel productive for the rest of the day, especially if you manage to do it first-thing in the morning.
  3. It’s freeeeeee…you just need a half decent pair of trainers (if you’re a beginner) and the road.
  4. It’s precious ‘me’ time, where I can get lost in my own thoughts.
  5. I feel less guilty about having ‘treats.’
  6. I feel a lot more toned and healthier, running won’t give you drastic weight loss but it helps you to maintain a certain weight level.
  7. It helps you to appreciate the outdoors more.
  8. Even when you’re completely KO’d after a run, it gives you this addictive buzz.
  9. I love the achievement I feel after I run a little bit further.
  10. Losing yourself in an awesome playlist (see my latest below) helps make everything a little easier.


You can sponsor me for my half marathon challenge here, to help me raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Keen runner like me? Leave me your tips/thoughts in the comments below.


Barking & Dagenham Triathlon 2013

This Sunday hasn’t been your average Sunday, I mean waking up at 5am for a start! Today was my first team triathlon and even though I’ve been practicing 400m sprints in my swim sessions, I still woke up, sick with nerves with about 3 or 4 hours sleep to keep me going. Luckily, it was a fresh, sunny morning and after a good ol’ good kick of caffeine to wake us up, my awesome team mates Kiki and Adam and I (TEAM KAD!) made our way to my local leisure centre.

The Barking and Dagenham Triathlon held its third event this year and it attracts a mixture of competitors from all age groups and local triathlon teams, running clubs, swimming teams etc. You can choose to compete individually or as a team and when I found out about it, I thought it would be an awesome new challenge to do and I can now say that I’ve caught the triathlon bug. Team KAD will be coming to an event near you soon! I’d eventually like to complete a whole individual one but baby steps…

The BD Triathlon consisted of a 400m swim (me) 20km cycle (Adam) and a 5k run (Kiki) so I was even more nervous to be kicking off proceedings. I was entered into the final heat of the swimming leg, where I was the only female competitor, which didn’t help to calm my initial nerves ha! But I let Girl Power prevail and done my best to show that I wasn’t going to let that worry me- hoorah for womankind! I had several dreams on the nights leading up to today, where I dropped the timing chip and  fell over while running along the main road to the transition area in my swimming costume. My mother even told me that she’d pay big money to come watch me dart out of the swimming pool like a bat out of hell. Cheers Mum, we all know where I inherited my clumsiness from though! Ha!

I’m pleased to say that none of the above happened and all of our transitions went smoothly! After completing my 400m in 07m21s, Adam clocked in with a time of 50 minutes, although he actually timed it using his stopwatch on his bike as an impressive 39 minutes. The roads unfortunately were not closed off for the cyclists and runners and the millions of traffic lights meant that they had to stop a few times. Our very own Jessica Ennis, Kiki then completed our relay and ran across the finishing line to our jubilant cheers, clocking in a time of under 30 minutes!

We had to wait a short while before they revealed our times and we were grateful at this point that the triathlon had started so early because as lovely as this heat has been, it’s never ideal when you’re doing outdoor physical exercise!

 So…overall we finished with a time of 1 hour and 21 minutes, making us the relay team winners!!! 

Team KAD- Relay Winners of the 2013 BD Triathlon

Team KAD- Relay Winners of the 2013 BD Triathlon

We are absolutely overjoyed seeing as it’s our first triathlon as a team, such an amazing feeling! A massive thank you to all of our friends and family who wished us luck and all of your lovely messages! My trophy and medal is now proudly displayed on my mantlepiece, I may even wear the medal as a statement necklace at work for the rest of the week!

And dya know another reason why this Sunday is not your average Sunday? Tomorrow will be a proud day for my family as we celebrate my bro’s graduation from university. Of course, I have my outfit sorted and I’ll be tweeting and sharing photos throughout the day tomorrow. Thank god for having Internet again, serious blogging withdrawal symptoms! More to come very shortly but for now*…


*Warning: this blog post contains cheese of the grandest kind