Ten Awesome Scottish Bands

On topic of today’s news with the Scottish Independence Referendum and being the music obsessive that I am, here are some of my favourite Scottish bands. New and old of course.


In no particular order;

1. Biffy Clyro

Mon the biff! Of course they’re probably one Scottish band that spring to mind first above all. Still haven’t seen them perform, massively jealous of everyone that has! From the growling vocals of That Golden Rule to the somewhat sweet Many of Horror (X Factor’s Matt Cardle- GTFO) they’re rock royalty.

2. Twin Atlantic

Having seen these guys twice now, I think they’re bloody amazing and well deserve to be going on their own arena tour in November. Creators of anthems such as Heart & Soul and Free, they’ve got a fiercely loyal fan base.

Oh and did I mention that front man Sam McTrusty is a bit fit? Just saying…

3. Chvrches

Little bit obsessed with these guys at the moment and they’ve become massive over the past year or so. Their synth drenched beats make for perfect indie dance floor tracks. Check out Recover and We Sink if you’re not familiar.

4. Franz Ferdinand

The opening bars to Take Me Out are unmistakable and if you’ve ever been in an indie club, when one of their songs are played, something very strange happens to the crowd. Everyone ends up doing some sort of march and air-guitar! Infectious music and one band I still haven’t seen live.

5. Primal Scream

Probably one of the key bands which started the indie pop movement in the late 80s. Movin’ On Up, Loaded, Come Together to name but a few. They’ve had few line up changes too, including The Stone Roses’ Mani.

6. Simple Minds

They’re responsible for the soundtrack to one of my favourite 80s movies ever! That iconic last scene where Bender walks across the football field, puts his fist in the air and says ‘Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club,’ before the drums kick into the chorus of Don’t You Forget About Me.

7. The Fratellis

Sadly they’ve gone off the radar now but the “lad” band were part of the soundtrack to my uni years. Many a good time was had to Chelsea Dagger, including falling over on my face in Propaganda…

And who can forget karaoke favourite, later covered by the late Amy Whitehouse – Valeeeeerieeeeee?

8. Glasvegas

“My name’s Geraldine, I’m your sociaaaaal wooorker.” You probably couldn’t get any more Glaswegian than these guys! With gritty lyrics about growing up in one of Scotland’s most notorious cities, you too will probably want to don the accent.

9. Texas

Bit of a 90s throwback but my parents had a couple of their albums and I remember my bro and I used to try and sing along in Spiteri’s accent ha! For all you Britpop fans, they’re touring again next April!

10. Prides

A fairly new band which I discovered via XFM a couple of weeks ago but I can’t stop listening to I Should Know You Better By Now. They’re playing in London next month so I might have to go along to see them! Also check out their other single Messiah, they have a proper retro vibe to them.

Those who didn’t make the cut- The Proclaimers…I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) was annoying the first time round, let alone the 2007 charity release. Soz.

What other Scottish bands/artists do you think are awesome?