The pros and cons of setbacks

Just when you think everything is running along too smoothly (literally in my case) suddenly BAM! Something will come along to throw you off-course.

I felt my shoulder blade pop at the weekend when out running and like the stubborn moron that I am, I carried on and thought it’d be okay. I’ve now spent the last couple of days/nights in absolute agony, taking alllllll the ibuprofen and heat patches I can find.

With only six weeks to go until the half marathon, this setback is making me panic even more that I’ll get behind on my training and won’t be able to complete the route. I’ve started doing that thing where I’ve been reading far too many articles on training schedules and do’s & don’ts and have begun to panic whether I’m doing far too little or far too much.

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As annoying and as painful as it is, sometimes we need set-backs to give us a bit of a shake-up, even if we don’t necessarily appreciate it at the time. Things can’t always be smooth-sailing afterall, life would be too easy (and boring) if it was.

I think sometimes your body also has its own way of telling you “Enough is enough,” and as rubbish as aches/pains/colds are, it’s a warning sign to tell you to slooooooooow down.

So from now on, I’m going to stop panicking (ha, easier said than done) and carry on doing what I was doing, after some rest and my umpteenth salt bath…

How do you conquer set-backs? 


Christmas Shopping and DIY Woes

Why is it that all of a sudden on the 1st December, people rush out in their thousands and start raiding Boots for their three-for-ones, quicker than you can “Jingle Bells?”

I made the fatal mistake yesterday of agreeing to help my brother with his Christmas shopping and the moment that we ended up having to park on the eight floor of the car-park, I knew that we were heading for a scrum.

On the first day of Christmas... Photo Courtesy of Cristiano Betta

On the first day of Christmas… Photo Courtesy of Cristiano Betta

Now as much as I love shopping and fashion, I am not one of those ‘casual moochers,’ or ‘window shoppers,’ as they like to call themselves. I cannot stand wandering around aimlessly waiting for something to stand out from the racks screaming “BUY MEEEEEE!!!”

When you shop, especially Christmas shopping, you have to go out with a military style plan or as I like to call it-

Operation Get In, Get Out, Get Home.

As I’ve said before, I love a list and it’s always good to have an idea of what to get your loved ones before deciding to endure four hours worth of queuing, other stressed out shoppers, stressed out sales assistants, screaming, fed-up children and hearing “Last Christmas” a gazillion times while parting with your hard-earned cash. You can save time and energy by having a pre-prepared list and can smugly flounce past the overwhelmed casual moochers with your bags of accomplished gifts, while they scratch their heads and furrow their brows in the fragrance department.

Having worked in retail for over six years, I also understand the pain and frustration of having to work over the festive period; the havoc and mess caused by frenzied bargain hunters, the late nights, having to explain the extended refund policy a thousand times (and there’s always one that brings an unwanted gift back a day over the receipt’s expiry date) the tutting and the moaning as you put handbag after handbag through the till, while trying to wrap it as nicely but as quickly as possible so that Mr Tut next in the queue stops tutting.

Bear that in mind the next time you’re shopping and spare a thought to the retailers, who are working their butts off to ensure that you get what you want for Christmas.

Anyways from one high horse to another…DIY!!

We are currently in the middle of redecorating my bedroom (if you didn’t know before) and are now at the painting stage. If there’s anything worse than Christmas shopping, it’s browsing the aisles of Homebase and B&Q.

Having decided on which furniture/paint/lampshade etc, you drive to said stores in the car with the largest boot, with your measurements and catalogue numbers in hand to discover that most of the items on your list are not bloody in stock!! Cue a further 30 minutes of waiting time while the ‘experts’ painstakingly order said missing items, only for them to tell you that the expected delivery time will be three weeks from now and you leave with an empty boot and are £500 or so less richer. The law of Sod indeed.

So at this moment in time, my ‘wardrobe’ is currently two runner rails in our hallway, with my shoe collection on display for anyone that visits, while my desk is residing on the landing with the chest of drawers and boxes and boxes of other rubbish that I’ve managed to hoard over the years. My OCD has gone past the point of overdrive and I’ve now adopted the “If I ignore the clutter, the clutter doesn’t exist,” notion to cope with it. As for my bed, I have downgraded from my mattress to the sofa and have consequently become a 2am bouncy castle for my two crazy cats. All will be worth it in the long run when my boudoir is complete…that’s what I keep telling myself.

But for now, keep warm and carry on.