California, California, here we come…

Well, not quite yet…in 7 weeks time! There’s a small matter of doing a half marathon the day before I fly. Eek. I hope to god that I’ll sleep like a baby on that 10 hour flight.

It’s my first time to the good ol’ US of A and I’m ridiculously excited, especially because it’s always been on my list of places to go to, the west coast in particular. One of my school friends moved to LA when we were around 13 and we pledged to meet up when we were 21 after I’d graduated and she was in her final year of school at Berkeley- hi Emma!

Alas, when I graduated from uni, I didn’t have the pennies to go anywhere beyond Spain really (not that I’m saying ‘woe is me’ or anything) but I’ve always been determined to go visit one day. Especially before life gets a little bit more serious than it already is.

This blog post is a little bit of a ‘call-to-arms’ to my fellow bloggers and friends who have visited LA before- which things are an absolute must-see?

We’ll be staying in Santa Monica with a car and of course we’ve got Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach etc all on our list (so sad to discover that half of the stuff e.g. The Bait Shop, from The OC no longer exists- wah) but if you have any hidden gems, clubs, restaurants, places to chill out, please send them my way!

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach. Credit: Alberto Cabello via Flickr